In-N-Out Offers Fry Boat Pool Float, But The Fries Still Suck

by Rudy Sanchez on 06/04/2021 | 2 Minute Read

It’s probably safe to say that burger chain In-N-Out is a west coast institution. It has legions of fans that will fiercely defend the brand’s food, and the late Anthony Bourdain even called it one of his favorite things to eat in Los Angeles. 

Part of In-N-Out’s charm is that it hasn’t changed much; there are no gimmicks or chasing the latest trends in fast food. You won’t find kale, plant-based patties, or fried chicken sandwiches at In-N-Out. There’s also no nostalgia to tap into because it’s still the same burgers, fries, shakes, and soda it’s always been, as has the branding and packaging, for the most part.

Editorial photograph

In-N-Out has long offered merchandise, however, usually in the form of apparel like t-shirts. But this year, for those looking to spend their summers at the pool frying to a crisp, the renowned chain now offers a full-sized pool float that emulates its signature french fry boats. Measuring six feet long, the inflatable pool toy is a dead ringer for the smaller, white starch vessels, sporting the signature palm trees, “FRESH POTATOES” along one edge, and the same copy on the inside bottom. Hell, it even includes the bible verse Proverbs 24:16 on the bottom outside, just like the real deal.

Unlike the actual food, anyone in the country can get their hands on the pool float from the In-N-Out company store, and until the burger maestros create “Animal-style” sunscreen, fans will have to make do with regular lotion.

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