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Wake Up With Better Coffee Co. Branding

by Chloe Gordon on 04/12/2021 | 1 Minute Read

When it comes to coffee packaging, bold is better. Why? Because the market is booming with thousands of different companies trying to tell you that their beans are better than the rest. The only way to prove your beans are bigger, stronger, and bolder than the rest is to say it. Better Coffee Co. demonstrates that they know what you want and need through their iconic pink and blue design. But not only is the color combination simply show-stopping, but the almost-retro font style is also ideal for this bag of beans. I'm ready to get my day started with Better Coffee Co.

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Better Coffee Co. roasters launched with a mission to bring the world only the strongest, boldest and most flavor-packed brew daily. ‘No weak beans here.’ Responsible for the branding and packaging design for the client, I originally took them in many different directions stylistically — to land at this groovy take. Approachable but premium was an important brand pillar, along with trust in quality and fresh. I imagined it sitting on a store shelf and hoped that the bold color palette and use of oversized type would be enough to wake one up.

Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph


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