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Captain Barley Unveils Its Special Edition Branding

by Alianne Valladares-Prieto on 03/19/2021 | 1 Minute Read

Captain Barley, a nautically themed Brazilian beer, contracted Rai to put together a unique label for its special edition beers that would be as bright and bold as the flavors. Not sparing a single shape, color, or detail, the illustrations set out to align with the respective flavors’ names. A blonde ale is represented by what looks like an abstract depiction of blonde hair, while the amber ale is portrayed by a boat during golden hour, or sunset.  No matter the flavor, each can has a loud personality that sets the brand apart from competing ales and lagers.

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Captain Barley is a well-known craft brewery located in the city of São Paulo, Brazil. In addition to producing their own beers, they are a place of brewing culture. For five special recipes, each in five different styles, we created packaging with basic shapes and flat colors that refer to nautical themes, present in the brand concept. Each illustration refers to the beer's name.

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Editorial photograph
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