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Forget Champagne, Bud Light Is For Lovers

by Rudy Sanchez on 02/08/2021 | 2 Minute Read

Traditional Valentine’s Day gifts include chocolates, flowers, and jewelry. But candy rots teeth, flowers wilt and die, and it’s not like many of us can go out and flash that bling right now. Beer, however, is always good. And who’s going to turn down a cold 12-pack, regardless of what day of the year it is? 

Bud Light knows how much beer says “I heart you” and has designed a heart-shaped gift box made to hold 12 cans of frosty goodness for Valentine’s Day. 

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What's more, the novelty container is gender-neutral, and though designed to look like a giant red box of chocolates you might pick up at Duane Reade, nothing targets one gender here. And, as we all know, a last-minute Valentine's Day gift from a gas station or drug store knows no gender. The poem on the box reads, “Roses are red. Bud Light is blue. Come have a beer with me. Or maybe two.” The heart-shaped vessel also doesn't include beer and gets made of heavy corrugated cardboard, so you're on your own when it comes to filling that sucker up. Also, maybe don't put these on ice?

Beer as a Valentine’s Day gift isn’t so far-fetched. Elqis has an entire range of customizable cans of holiday-themed beer and wine for sale this February as well. And if you find yourself alone with no one to spoon with, Bud Light has you covered with a bottle-shaped body pillow.