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White Castle Knows You Need 20 Sliders, Debuts 'Crave Clutch'

by Rudy Sanchez on 09/16/2020 | 1 Minute Read

Sure, some people took to learning how to pickle, brine, bake and cook at home during our pandemic-related shutdown, but if the plucky stoner duo of Harold and Kumar taught us anything, when you’re craving that perfect fast food meal, nothing else will do, especially when it comes to White Castle.

But what if a sack of sliders isn’t enough and a crate of 100 sliders is too much?

Recognizing that there was a gap in their shared meal offerings, the burger chain announced the 20-pack “Crave Clutch,” the first new packaging from White Castle since the introduction of the 100 slider Clutch Crate in 2004. The 20-pack, which also includes four orders of fries, is just big enough to feed a household. 

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The Clutch features a cardboard handle with faux stitching printed on it, and one side of the box gets styled after an old school boombox in retro blue and purple, with a blank line on the cassette tape allowing customers to personalize the box. The burger chain is also asking fans to submit their “snack tracks” written on the packaging via social media as part of the Crave Clutch promotion.

Crave Clutches are available now from White Castle and will set you back somewhere in the neighborhood of one Andrew Jackson.