Featured image for Cottonelle Wants To Remind TP Hoarders Of Their Humanity With 'Share A Square' Campaign

Cottonelle Wants To Remind TP Hoarders Of Their Humanity With 'Share A Square' Campaign

by Rudy Sanchez on 04/01/2020 | 2 Minute Read

While we can chastise most governments for being thoroughly unprepared at the onset of the coronavirus global pandemic, what few could have predicted, however, was the run on toilet paper. Videos of frantic consumers rushing to get their hands of TP are all over the internet, as the panicked purchasing of household staples caught everyone—from manufacturers, retailers, and consumers—off-guard.

Toilet paper remains an elusive find for most shoppers, despite a general subsiding of frenzied buying, and some companies are trying their best to not only ramp up production to compensate for the hoarding but also trying to inject a bit of sanity and rationality in these trying times.

Toilet paper brand Cottonelle, owned by paper company Kimberly-Clark, has announced a $1 million donation to the United Way’s efforts against COVID-19 while launching a new campaign urging people to share their panic-purchased stockpiles of toilet paper with their neighbors and to “share a square” if possible. The brand will also donate an additional dollar, up to $100,000, for every tweet displaying generosity and kindness tagged with #ShareASquare.

"We've been watching the conversation around toilet paper unfold in real-time, and while our teams are working day and night to produce and ship product to retailers, we want to invite consumers to #ShareASquare to help others in need," said Family Care President of Kimberly-Clark North America Arist Mastorides in that same announcement. "Instead of stockpiling, let's stock up on generosity. We believe our consumers have no shortage of kindness, so we trust they will #ShareASquare and help us on this mission."

And let’s be honest, you can spare a square or three, and your bunghole isn’t special enough to necessitate the hoarding of a garage full of toilet paper.

Which, FYI, Costco won’t take back at a later date.

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