Instead Of Eating Your Feelings, Wrap Yourself In A Weighted Pizza Hut Gravity Blanket

by Rudy Sanchez on 11/20/2020 | 2 Minute Read

Cold winter days invite snuggling under a comfortable blanket. Sure, there are other ways to warm up, but fewer are as soothing. A blanket might seem to confine but is surprisingly unobtrusive when engaging in essential activities like controlling the remote or grabbing a slice of pizza. Fancy San Marcos cobijas—those tiger-festooned blankets your Mexican friends post memes about in the winter—are great and all, but have you ever climbed under a weighted blanket that looks like a pizza?

Editorial photograph

Pizza Hut and Gravity Blankets have joined forces to offer the public that experience precisely, dubbed “Original Pan Weighted Blanket” with a limited-edition design. The 72-inch diameter faux-pizza comes “topped” with cheese and pepperoni and weighs 15 lbs. The $150 blanket, like all of Gravity’s weighted covers, promises to ease anxiety and provide deeper sleep. The outer pizza duvet is also machine washable, in case, you know, you get some actual pizza on it.

Editorial photograph

Unlike other Gravity blankets, the Original Pan comes in a pizza box reminiscent of the Hut’s genuine and recyclable packaging for the real deal. Copy on the bottom half describes both versions of pizza - “Thick. Heavy. Comforting.”

Editorial photograph

Unsurprisingly, just like those Mexican blankets, the Original Pan is no longer available, having sold out in under a day.

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