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Kentucky 74's Non-Alcoholic Bourbon

by Bill McCool on 10/26/2020 | 2 Minute Read

While alcohol sales continue to rise like our collective blood pressure, there are still plenty of folks who are trying to imbibe a little less. 

Those in search of a non-alcoholic old-fashioned can rest easy now that Kentucky 74 is on the sober scene. With notes of caramel and oak, the beverage doesn't try to be an exact carbon copy of bourbon, just the one you reach for when you're looking to slow it down or play designated driver for the evening. 

Still, design agency Franklyn's visual identity and packaging pack more than enough punch, and from the look of it, you wouldn't even register the infinitesimal ABV.

"A Kentucky-based spirits brand ahead of the curve, Spiritless is the first reverse-distilled non-alcoholic bourbon made in America. Built on the idea of allowing people to say ‘yes’ to more experiences (despite demanding schedules and life’s responsibilities), this NA beverage company chose a category-defining name as bold as their vision for their brand. Franklyn worked to build the brand from the ground up, from the core identity and packaging to digital and delivery.

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The Kentucky 74 bottle design, just like the Spiritless brand itself, is all about finding a beautiful balance between the rich tradition of Kentucky’s distillery community, and the sense of exuberance and potential that comes with this non-alcoholic spirit. \

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While the gently tapered bottle silhouette, cork cap, embossed paper label, and tasteful color palette all nod to the heritage of classic bourbon bottle design, the irreverence and fun of the Spiritless brand come through in the details. From the dance-like playfulness of the Spiritless logo mark to the blind-embossed illustrations that whimsically depict a myriad of daily activities, everything pays back to that core brand idea of “less is yes.”

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