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Keep Your Smoke Sesh' Safe And Socially Distant With These Mini Pre-Rolls

by Rudy Sanchez on 10/22/2020 | 3 Minute Read

Bigger isn’t always better when it comes to a joint.

Sure, showing up with an absurdly and comically large doobie to a party is a sure way to stunt. But the coronavirus pandemic has taken jays out of the rotation, with everyone playing solo with their own bud, six feet away from each other. Most pre-rolled joints in legal markets are typically half a gram or l, which, depending on the smoker and the grade of cannabis, might be too much for a single, socially-distant session.

The current circumstances precipitated by COVID has made mini pre-rolls more appealing. Typically they come rolled with a crutch or filter tip and contain less than half a gram of cannabis. In addition to being handy during a pandemic, they are also beneficial for folks that don't want to get Snoop Dogg-high, something a lot more users are looking for when they don't want to fall into their couches. Plus, a fresh mini-joint is always going to taste better than a relit full joint. 

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And, so it seems, many a cannabis brand are listening to consumers and offering joints for one. The packaging sometimes will even utilize sustainable materials, like tin. Though the combination of “sustainable” and “cannabis” should be taken with a grain of salt because of strict regulations, child-safety measures, and over-packaging. Still, it's nice to see a little less plastic.

Here's a few examples of mini pre-rolls that hit the (mini) sweet spot.

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Besito packs a full eighth of quality cannabis in chic blue tins that are perfectly pocket-sized, containing ten joints, available in Sour Diesel, Chemdawg, and Sundae Driver varieties. The mini-tin can also get repurposed to stash all sorts of things, cannabis-related or not.

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Dogwalkers mini prerolls are also packaged in a small, flip-top tin, taking a more folksy design. The bucolic colorway calls to life on the farm, and the selection of typography gives it a rustic yet retro charm. Available only in Sativa, Dogwalkers packs five mini-joints totaling 0.175 grams of the good stuff.

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NY “smoke wear” designer Sundae School has been producing apparel for the stylish toker for some time, but they recently got into the flower game last year with a line of designer mini-rolls, which it calls “Bullets.” In the boutique’s parlance, Eureka bullets are Sativa-dominant, Kickback has more CBD, and Nightcap is an Indica-heavy blend. Each bullet contains 0.3g of cannabis, and eight come packed in tins, with smartly bordered tops with a bright and fashionable belly band.

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Instead of using tins, cannabis brand Pure Beauty uses slip-out, cardboard boxes, adorned simply in bright, monochromatic colors with the front of the container carrying just the brand’s name, and the fun logo on the side. Each joint’s filter tip also sports the brand’s signature eyes for a nice, primo touch.

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Cannabis brand Selfies (get it?) focuses solely on providing cannabis for micro/low-dosers—folks that prefer to consume just enough cannabis to perceive a difference. Many find that a low amount of weed has a more positive effect and treat the kind herb more like a supplement. Selfies, a sub-brand of Heshies, only sell mini-prerolls, though they do have slightly souped-up minis infused with crumble, a concentrated form of cannabis that boosts THC content about 5%. The packaging is small for discrete carry and comes in trippy, shimmering boxes.

Whether mini-joints hold onto their newfound popularity post-pandemic remains to be seen-we know we'd certainly like to see a little more of our pals again. But for now, we'll take what we can get, even when a tiny bit of smoke will suffice.