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The Good, The Bad & The Ugly Of Kardashian and Jenner Packaging

by Shawn Binder on 09/02/2019 | 7 Minute Read

It is wild to think that soon there won’t be a child in Western Culture who hasn’t grown up hearing the Kardashian name. Although Robert Kardashian first gained notoriety for his involvement in the OJ Simpson trial, his family has gone on to spawn one of the largest and most lucrative reality TV show series of all time. 

Since 2007, the show has generated over 240 episodes. With each episode clocking in at roughly 30-to-45 minutes, that's over 120 hours you’d need to spend to keep up with this family. In addition to their television shows, they’ve made their money from product placements and launching their lines of goods that have gone on to make them some of the most wealthy people in America. Love them or hate them, the clan made themselves synonymous with the word “glamour porn.”

Which is another way of saying look at these people live the way you wish you could.

While I don’t find the Kardashians particularly fascinating or intelligent, there is something to say about the way they’ve allowed their family dramas to play out like a public soap opera, all while still being able to shuck their beauty products. If you look me in the eye, and tell me you’ve picked up a gossip magazine since the Kardashians launched and HAVEN’T seen one of their faces peering back, I’d call you a liar. 

There is a saying amongst my friends that would apply here; the devil works, but Kris Jenner works harder. 

The Kardashian dynasty has no plans on slowing down, and at the Dieline, we’re always fascinated what they’ll get up to next. Here is a round-up of some of the best hit or misses from the Kardashian fragrance and cosmetic lines over the years. If you think we missed some, let us know!

We’re always down to revisit or write, dare we say it, a spin-off?

The Bad

Kim Kardashians’ First Fragrance

Editorial photograph

Ah, memories! Back when the back-to-back K was i-c-o-n-i-c, this fragrant bottle was not. The bottle was chunky and barely offset by the chunky top. This fragrance bottle is possibly meant to launch a pattern that would have expanded throughout the Kardashian line but utilized here it was dead in the water. 

Kardashian Glow

Editorial photograph

Back when the Kardashians first came on the scene, they launched Kardashian Glow, an instant bronzer line that would’ve been more at home on the liquor shelf. Just looking at these bottles, I feel a hangover coming on.

Kardashian Kolor

Editorial photograph

Nicole by O.P.I collaborated with Kim Kardashian for one of the blandest packaging collaborations. The only thing that was worth it? The iconic tag line, “Wel-Kim to my world.” No, thanks, Kim, we’re good!

Kardashian Beauty Double Take Lipstick Lipgloss Duo

Editorial photograph

Do you know what is psychotic? The mixing of these fonts. I’m also not sure why they paired lipgloss and lipstick together, so if someone could please advise I’d appreciate it. Ultimately, the gold accents add to the insane font’s visibility, making this duo a miss.

Kardazzle Eyeshadow

Editorial photograph

Perhaps the first iteration in monochromatic packaging, this eyeshadow pallet was gaudy, bulky and utilized thick plastic that was neither sustainable or cute.

KKW Crystal Gardenia

Editorial photograph

This KKW Crystal Cardenia comes in a shape that is meant to invoke thoughts of, well, crystals. We’re not totally sure why this was an aesthetic choice as we’ve almost never seen the Kardashian clan speak on the benefits of crystals. In this case, this playful iteration on a classic package missed the mark, a mark Mrs. Gaga would later nail.


Editorial photograph

This futuristic pearl and pink-tinted metallic pen duo felt out of touch with the Kardashian brand. Additionally,  the concepts were so similar in design it is difficult to distinguish which pen is for what.

Kardashian Beauty Hair Products

Editorial photograph

In 2016 Kardashian Beauty launched a new line of hair products that utilized the ombre aesthetic they’ve continued throughout their cosmetic journey. This darker color palate indicates that the beautiful lines, like the businesswomen, are getting older but somehow this still missed the mark.

The Good

As the women evolved as moguls, so did their taste. If we sound like haters, we promise we’ve got nothing but respect for these women who continue to show their business savvy. Here are some of the products we think hit the mark.


Editorial photograph

Kylie’s iconic lip-kit made her a billionaire for a reason. This lipstick and lip-liner duo employs what has now become Kylie’s iconic “drip” graphic with her name in playful scrawl showing why this has become THE stocking stuffer to expect on Christmas morning.

KKW Beauty Eyeshadow

Editorial photograph

The eyeshadow pallet from KKW beauty is beautiful in its minimalism. Showcasing ten complementary shades in a monochromatic case, we have no choice but to stan.

Kim Kardashian's Kimoji Fragrance.

Editorial photograph

This is just the right amount of kitsch we’re here for. These fragrances from Kim Kardashian’s Kimoji Fragrance are sort of insane in the best possible way. Three candy-heart containers (for the three fragrances: Bae, Ride Or Die, and BFF) show just how playful the Kardashians used to be, and why America fell in love with them in in the first place.  The best part is the Kardashians sent a bunch of influencers giant hearts for the launch and probably launched the unboxing phenomenon on YouTube for all the norms’ out there. You’re welcome.


Editorial photograph

We’re #NotClear on the collaboration between KKW and Kylie Cosmetics, just because for pragmatics why would both cosmetic companies need to combine forces? Either way, we cannot deny how stunning this lip kit looks, in hues that complement each other perfectly.

Kylie Skin

Editorial photograph

When Kylie Skin launched, we were like "take all our money," probably because the simple packaging is mature and easy to look at. Kylie really hit the mark with this shade of bubble-gum pink that isn’t too extra. 

The Summer Pallet- Kylie Cosmetics

Editorial photograph

In continuing the trend of monochromatic packaging, this summer palette is elevated and chic, perhaps the final form of the Kardashian brand. We’d give it points off for the giant KYLIE emblazed on the front, but we can’t deny it’s matte charm.

Iconic Creme Lipsticks

Editorial photograph

The Packaging for this screams of Kanye West’s minimalist and utilitarian influence. The result is stunning, with a clear case that highlights the lipsticks’ beautiful shade without obstruction.

The Ugly

We cannot co-sign....nope. 

Kardashian Beauty Lip

Editorial photograph

Is this a Pokeball? We’re not sure what the hell is happening with this Kardashian Beauty lip balm except this shape is neither visually appealing or a pragmatic shape. Additionally, why honeycombs? Can anyone explain?

Kroma Heavy Gaze Lashes

Editorial photograph

Whatever dystopian nightmare these Heavy Gaze Lashes came from, we want to send them back. Also, we’re super not about Charlie’s Angels-Esque silhouettes the sisters placed above Khroma. If the Eye of Sauron were sold at an Ulta, it would look like this. 

H24 Prime Body Shimmer

Editorial photograph

This H24 Prime body shimmer looks like a Claire’s threw up on it. The label font leaves much to be desired, and the sparkly bottle gives the distinct impression that putting this on your skin would leave you with a horrible rash. 


Editorial photograph

Good luck convincing me that the collaboration between KKW Beauty and KYLIE is not one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Originally designed to look like lips (?) so that people can take selfies with them, they look more like prolapsed anuses. The fragrances are called Nude Lips, Pink Lips, and Red Lips because who needs a name with any hint of description when it comes to selecting a scent! While we can respect the women’s business savvy when it comes to designing a product that could serve as an Instagram moment, we gotta be the first to say, no thanks!

Did we miss something? Let us know!