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This Friday The 13th, Paqui Tempts Death With The Return Of The One Chip Challenge

by Rudy Sanchez on 09/12/2019 | 2 Minute Read

The Grim Reaper is a common personification of death, the fearless collector of souls unfazed by the tricks and deceptions of those trying to escape the inevitable. It seems fitting that the Carolina Reaper, the Guinness-certified hottest pepper in the world, is named after the collector of souls.

Snack maker Paqui, in making a chip so intensely hot that even the bravest struggle eating a single one, turned to the Carolina Reaper to provide their lava-like intensity. And because the internet loves to see people suffer from eating spicy foods, Paqui is bringing back The One Chip Challenge, goading those that think they have the intestinal fortitude to post videos on social media with the hashtag #OneChipChallenge with proof of completing their trial by fire.

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The One Chip Challenge was first introduced in 2016 but has been on hiatus since. The newest iteration promises to be even more intense, given the popularity of the original iteration.

“For the last two years, we've received everything from love letters and polite requests to absolutely desperate pleas for us to bring back the #OneChipChallenge,” said Paqui Brand Manager Caitlin Moralic via press release.

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The new chip, a blue corn tortilla chip seasoned with a black spice containing the Carolina Reaper pepper, is packaged in a single triangle-shaped bag, featuring a skull and crossbones. The bright red outer packaging (similar in color to the Carolina Reaper) is coffin-shaped and features a skull spitting fire on the front along with a lengthy warning on the back, in case you’re still in hold-my-beer mode.

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For those willing to burn for the likes and follows, death by chip comes on the aptly-dated Friday the 13th, when Paqui releases The One Chip Challenge chip to the general public here, starting 9 am CST, while supplies last.

And while we would never recommend eating anything packaged in a tombstone, remember to have a nice, tall glass of milk at the ready, and keep a roll of toilet paper in the freezer.

No, really.

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Designers: Roxanne Ayala, Shannon McKenna, Emily Mitchell

Creative Director: Joanie Cahill

Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work

Client: Paqui Chips for Amplify Snack Brands

Location: Austin, TX USA

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