Break Maiden Designs Gut Happiness For Olipop

by Casha Doemland on 01/30/2019 | 3 Minute Read

Gut health is essential to overall health, and we're learning that it's just as important to feed the good bacteria that we already have as it is to consume new ones in the form of probiotics. Our microbial allies need food in the form of prebiotics as well as nutrient diversity - two things chronically lacking in the modern Western Diet

If you're looking for something that's easier to incorporate into your on-the-go lifestyle, Olipop is a delicious, digestive health beverage that tastes just as refreshing as it looks. This sparkling tonic is currently available in Strawberry Vanilla, Cinnamon Cola and Ginger Lemon.

To dive deep into their design, we chatted it up with the creative director of Break Maiden, Kenny Coil.

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What’s the story behind the name, Olipop?

As David would so eloquently put it, Olipop comes from the combination of the words oligosaccharide, the complex carbohydrates that makeup prebiotics - essential nutrients for the good bacteria already living in our gut, and pop.

It represents the Yin and Yang of the Olipop brand identity: a cutting edge solution for digestive health that leverages the latest in scientific research around the human microbiome and a commitment to making products that are fun, delicious, and beautifully designed.

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Walk us through the design process. How did you go from start to finish on the product?

When Olipop contacted us earlier this year, they were moving quickly. They had already spun their wheels on their previous designs and were looking to get a new look into production ASAP. For that reason, we started designing the packaging first and then worked backward towards the logo and visual style.

We ended up presenting a total of three different directions. The chosen one focused on creative type pairing and individual flavor personalities. Direction two was minimalistic with a straight-forward typographic approach and article directly. Three was organic with rough illustrations.

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Once we landed on the direction, we spent the next rounds experimenting with different verbiage, illustrations and layouts. In the end, we landed pretty close to what we had initially proposed.

After finalizing the packaging design,  we pieced together the suite of marks and perfected the visual style to lay the foundation for the brand going forward.

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Why did you opt to pair the typography with minimalistic illustration? Also, why did you choose to illustrate the ingredients as opposed to other designs?

There was purpose behind using a font like Windsor to accompany the modern elements of the brand. We wanted nostalgia.

Windsor was especially popular in the 1970s, and so was soda pop. While we don’t drink soda nearly as much as the generations before us, there’s still something very nostalgic about the name and taste of a flavor like Olipop Cinnamon Cola. We wanted the design to give you that feeling too.

The illustrated ingredients are familiarly delicious and a vital piece to the packaging design. It’s a cue that helps you identify the flavor at first glance.

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