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The Dieline Awards 2018 - Games, Toys, Sports, & Recreational: PlankeJens

by Natalie Mouradian on 04/30/2018 | 3 Minute Read

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Plankejens (Norwegian version of PlankJohn) is a Scandinavian toy manufacturer who creates wooden toys inspired by the toys back in time when our grandparents were kids.The toys, made of solid wood, are sold as building sets - to connect generations through the process of making and building their own toys.

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The product line includes wooden boats, tractors, trailers and so on. Each product is produced in small sustainable series with focus on the details and high quality finish. It is built to last.The identity is made to evoke a mix of nostalgic feelings for the older generations, with the playfulness and curiosity of modern kids.

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The set of colors, typography and layout is chosen to make a connection from modern times, back to when handcraft was the natural choice in the process of making toys.Each building set gets its own toned color to blend in as a natural part of the product family.

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The packing is made of the same wood as the toys, to both set the tone of the quality of the products, and also to be used as a extra toy for the kids. The toys and packaging are produced in traditional Scandinavian wood types as Pine, Birch and Oak.The beaver, famous for its abilities of woodwork, became a natural choice as a mascot. A friendly woodmaker presenting the building sets - and setting the tone for solid craftsmanship.The products are a natural offering for both classy toy stores, as well as for interior boutiques.

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