The Dieline Awards 2018 - Student: Leafcare

by Natalie Mouradian on 04/30/2018 | 4 Minute Read

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Leafcare is an innovation plant protection product concept aimed to protect or save plants from plant pests and plant diseases. This project seeks to create such a product, which is able to provide a solution to the garden’s problems.How can we know that our garden is saved from plant pests and diseases? – It’s very easy – we should only have a look on the plant’s leaves.The healthy plant has green leaves without any damage but if leaves have any damage it means that the plant has a disease or has been attacked by pests. For instance, orange spots on the leaves - is the sign of plant rust. My packaging design is based on this very connection between the plant’s disease and its consequences appeared on the leaves.

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The line product includes three protection types, which have a colored design: insect protection (green color), disease treatment (orange color), and disease prevention in case of a lack of necessary substances (yellow color). Each type consists of four products, and each product has its own unique identifier — a leaf with the specific injuries. Therefore, you can only have a look on the leaf to get the plant’s problem without the necessity to read a lot of specific books.

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The product line is sold in convenient cartridges to be inserted into the special branded Leafcare sprayer. When mixing the product with the water the resulting solution becomes painted in green, yellow or orange, depending on the type of product respectively. You buy the sprayer just once and then replace cartridges when necessary. Cartridges are sold in boxes with 2 cartridges in each.

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If your plant suffers from plant pests or plant diseases you should only take its leaf and compare it with the leaf on the package and select the appropriate product!

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Design and Art Direction: Alexandra Loginevskaya School: British Higher School of Art and DesignIllustrator: Leonid SlavinLocation: Moscow, Russia

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