The Dieline Awards 2018 - Wine & Champagne: Exotica Collection

by Natalie Mouradian on 04/30/2018 | 4 Minute Read

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Hugh Hamilton has a lot of love for the Georgian grape variety, Saperavi, which dates back to 6,000 BC. With the help of good friend and master Georgian Winemaker, Lado Uzunashvili, Hugh Hamilton wanted to release a limited collection of two varieties born and bred in Georgia, and two varieties born and bred in Australia. Titled The Exotica Collection—they required packaging that would intrigue and celebrate this exotic, unobtainable series of astounding wines.

‘Oddball The Great’ was the most premium and exclusive offering within the collection and required additional consideration to elevate its position within the range.

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A ‘Supra’ is a traditional Georgian feast—an important part of Georgian social culture.

An ancient and integral celebration of wine, food and good company.

At these traditional feasts, tables are dressed with ‘Lurji Supra’ or ‘Blue Tablecloths’.

Since ancient times these tablecloths have been adorned with ornaments and other symbols that depict important elements of Georgian culture and custom. Hugh Hamilton’s brand icon, the sheep, has been incorporated within the traditional ornaments and symbols, as the key identifier to the Hugh Hamilton brand.

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The specific character of the patterns and, most importantly, the colour, blue, made Georgian textiles different from their Russian and European counterparts.

Both the Georgian and Australian wines feature a unique Lurji Supra's pattern with blue being utilised for the Georgian wines and mono for Hugh Hamilton’s wines.

‘Oddball The Great’, the most premium wine, takes its name from Alexander I the Great—the last king of ancient Georgia. A coin on the neck of the bottle references the currency used during Alexander I’s reign and features Georgian Cyrillic translating to ‘The Great’.

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The ancient Georgian tradition of ‘Supra’ is a celebration of wine and food with friends. At these feasts tables are dressed with ‘Lurji Supra’ (tablecloths featuring ornaments and symbols depicting elements of Georgian culture). These tablecloths form the basis of the packaging for the entire collection.

Oddball the Great is wrapped in one these tablecloths—further reinforcing the concept.

A metal coin was produced to closely replicate antique coins from the era of Alexander I the Great. These coins were hand applied to the bottle with black wax.

The ‘Lurji Supra’ outer wrap features the illustration from the label at full size on a fabric tablecloth. A unique tying system was devised to contain the bottle within the outer-wrap.

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