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This Eco-Friendly Detergent Line Has a Vibrant New Look

by Natalie Mouradian on 04/03/2018 | 4 Minute Read

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Pigeon created this streamlined redesign for La Parisienne, a brand of eco-friendly laundry products. The new design incorporates bright and friendly patterns that help catch the eye and differentiate the various product offerings.

“La Parisienne is a heritage brand. Created 120 years ago this year, the brand has been marketed by Lavo, a Quebec company, for over 50 years. Guided by its new positioning: ‘Caring for clothes. Caring for families. Caring for people’. The evolution of the new brand platform had to give more meaning to the act of doing laundry. Pigeon has reviewed the brand symbol, giving it a vintage look that is representative of the company’s longevity, while still in harmony with its new positioning.”

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“The shape of the logo refers to both the modernity and dynamism of the brand and its heritage. The ‘biodegradable’ attribute is applied directly on the label, making it an integral part of the brand. The new design allows the brand to move from a desire for responsible consumption to an inspiration for caring, without losing sight of the company’s DNA.”

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“La Parisienne is a treat for all the senses: Smell, with scents that are both delicate and tart; touch, with a range of detergents and fabric softeners that respect the fiber of fabrics; and now, sight, thanks to a set of organic and inviting illustrations. To each product its illustration. The colour palette, vibrant for detergents and soft for fabric softeners, makes it easy to browse through the product, while inviting to discovery. Attractive and lavish, the effect created by the whole range of products makes one want to try every one of them. It also allows for a wide range of rational or emotional connections, as illustrated by the treatment of the ‘Odour Eliminator’ innovation or the creation of the chaton-laveur for the baby detergent. Matching the beautiful, colorful ambiances of the illustrations, technological innovations such as the new ‘Fiber Protection’ formula are processed in such a way that they are quickly identified by the consumer. The structural aspect too was revamped in order to reflect the round and organic side of the design while maximizing its tablet impact with a shape that stands out.”

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Designed By: PigeonClient: Lavo Creative Director: Olivier Chevillot Designer: Jean François Belliveau Illustrator: Ira KhroniukLocation: Montréal, Canada