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These Spices Will Look Cool In Your Kitchen

by Natalie Mouradian on 04/19/2017 | 3 Minute Read

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These spices are definitely cool enough to be in your kitchen. Nataliya Ponomareva and Pavel Dubov designed the packaging for Kitchen Ceremony, a new line of spices. 

"Kitchen Ceremony is a new brand, which is now represented with a selection of spices. The first collection of spices is dedicated to Georgia, as it includes 10 main spices from Georgian cuisine. We didn't want to use the products of mass suppliers, and have managed to find small family farms that would manually collect the spices and create compositions according to local recipes." 

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"As for the design, it is based on the deep contrast between high-end dark violet glass and the traditional handmade way of spice production. We call the concept 'kitchen fashion' because it combines pure minimal style, which quite rarely appears in the kitchen and tastes authentic. Besides the visual attractiveness, the packaging plays an important functional role. It is made of dark violet glass which was developed and patented in Switzerland. The jars are able to preserve the freshness and aroma of the herbs, through the ability to block the entire spectrum of visible radiation with the exception of three waves, which are an ideal 'set' for the preservation, energy filling and activation of molecules."

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"The project combines our love of natural local products, traveling, our admiration of beauty within the material world, and clean design. In the future, we will fulfill our collection with some decor items for the kitchen and home, which will take inspiration from the principles of minimalism, traditional methods of production and attention to detail."

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Designed By: Nataliya Ponomareva, Pavel Dubov Partner and Creative Producer: Olga Zvyagina Location: Moscow, Russia