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What is your design philosophy?

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 03/15/2017 | 1 Minute Read

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Tell us: what is your design philosophy?

Every designer operates differently, even if the end goal is similar. Your unique style bleeds into your work, whether you find freelance clients or take on assignments at an agency. You discover your own voice as a designer through the things that inspire and interest you, and simply by completing assignments and growing as a designer. And having a design philosophy can help guide you.

Greek agency mousegraphics has a simple philosophy: “Truth is More.” Stuart Leslie of 4sight inc explains their philosophy in two parts. “Every great innovation/product comes from some new consumer insight, so we immerse ourselves in the consumer experience. By developing a deeper understanding of people and how they use products, we can continually create innovative new solutions for any product,” he mentioned. “The second part of our design philosophy is that design is a business/marketing tool: we measure the success of our designs by how we deliver profitability to clients. Great products deliver real consumer value, which translates to increased sales.” Tim Hankins, Director of Creative Services at Honest Company, has a design philosophy that embraces failure. “You’ll only grow when you can apply the information you’ve learned from experimentation and failure,” mentioned.