Sabor de Oaxaca Mole Sauce

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 10/03/2016 | 2 Minute Read

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Make Mexican food at home with more flavor than ever before. Sabor de Oaxaca is a line of mole sauces intended to be enjoyed even when you’ve left the state of Oaxaca, giving you a bit of that savory, spicy flavor. LATTE Co™ developed the packaging for the jars of mole, injecting them with visuals that give it local flavor as well.

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“A lot of people that visit the state of Oaxaca, leave the state with at least a handmade product. Our inspiration is one of the largest consumer products in the state, their typical clothes, textiles. We want to bring to your table a souvenir of Oaxaca, a handmade product. A product of craftsmen.”

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Festive colors on the label celebrate the culture of Oaxaca and brighten up the jars. The sans serif font allows the vibrant hues to stand out, making the subtle differences in the patterns more noticeable. Lightly-colored stamps are similar to passport stamps or postage stamps, making them a perfect souvenir for tourists who want to savor some traditional mole sauce back at home.

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

Designer: Nacho Huizar

Printer: Paper

Photography: Latte studio

Art direction and design: Nacho Huizar

Illustration: Nacho Huizar and Valeria Frias

Designed by LATTE Co™

Client: Sabor de Oaxaca

Country: Mexico

City: Guadalajara

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