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The Dieline Awards 2016: Genoshophy-Discover yourself- KM creative

by Elizabeth Freeman on 05/19/2016 | 4 Minute Read

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Design of suite packaging display 

GENOSOPHY (discover yourself) is the name of the genomic predisposing service provided by the EMBIODIAGNOSTIKI company, with headquarters in Greece.The aim of the company is health improvement through utilization of the most recent knowledge and technological advances in the field of genetic variation and epigenetic modifications.

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The genetic tests mainly focus on the examination of over a hundred genetic variants with a modulatory, by health professionals, effect. The results of the genetic tests would assist the health professionals to provide individualized recommendations based on the genetic background.The sampling for the genetic testing is performed by the customer with a self-collection epithelial cells sample kit.This genetic testing is not used for diagnostic purposes but for research analysis. The interpretation of the results is the sole responsibility of the attending doctor or health professional.

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ResearchFollowing the development of the company’s identity, the need arouse for the packaging design of the sample collector. This had to be individualized to accommodate instances of single sample collections. Also important was the creation of a 10-packages demonstration and promotion display. This display is hosted within waiting and examination rooms of health professionals, dietary departments of gyms and elsewhere.The main concepts that had to be signified in the design throughout the packaging and promotion applications were accuracy, detail and indirect information regarding the genetic research. Equally important was also the visual representation of the balance as a concept of the genetic test; aiming at a balanced health status through suitable scientific recommendations. The end product should refer to genetics, science and innovation.DesignThe 3-dimensional design approach of the promotional stand refers indirectly to this research through the use of the double helix, while adding a futuristic element to the overall design. The transparency feature also creates a unique creation and at the same time promotes the allusiveness of the design with an imminent revelation. 

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PackagingThe shape of the single packaging-box is a classic application of pillow pack type; its dimensions 22.7 cm x 8.4 cm, along with a die cut application at the front (window). Inside the package there is a 3-slot(gate) structure where the sample collector is attached, a latex glove and the instructions for the sampling. The outer box and the 3-slot structure were printed and cut with the same die line cast. Underneath the 3-slot structure and inside the package there is a leaflet-consent (1-page 2-sided, 1 colour, 80gr– offset). The windows on the outer box are sealed from the inside with lamination for the protection of the sample collector. The package of the sample collector has an independent operation as it provides all necessary information through the printed instructions in the inside part. It is characterized by simple opening, sampling, sample storing and package closing.Package displayThe shape of the promotion display with the 10 single packages is a rotating cylinder; dimensions of 60 cm height and 25 cm diameter. The single packages are removed by soft sliding forwards or backwards along the horizontal axis of its package. It is consists of a paper cylinder with a 10 cm diameter made of thick cardboard Gemini superfine C2/S 500gr. After the paper was printed, it went through a die cut press and then it was glued on the cylindrical structure, based on the design of the die cut design. Underneath there is a detachable base with a neck, also made of printed paper laminated on thick cardboard, cut with a cast. The placement of the cylinder on the base creates a continuation between them, while assuring the appropriate sturdiness of the structure.

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Specifications• PackageOuter pillow pack + inner 3-slot 4 colors – 1 side + mat varnishDie cutWindow laminationCover slide-attachingSuperfine240gr• Package displayPaper cylinder4 colors – 1 side + mat varnishDie cutGemini superfine C2/S 500grBase4 colors – 1 sideVelvet 150 grCardboard lamination Die cut

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The production specifications allow for unlimited print run while the cost lies very low with immediate depreciation of the fixed cost (casts) right from the first 100 items for the promotion display or from the first 1000 items of single packages.The biggest challenge was the design of the dieline, where the aim was the perfect alignment in the dimensions of 4 different layouts that were used for these applications (box-stand) while using papers with different densities, thickness and properties.The design was developed for the benefits of ergonomics, easy placement and removal of the packages, stationarity, sturdiness, as well as the harmonious image of the structure.

Art Director: Michalis Kanonis

Designed by KM creative


Country: Greece

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