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The Dieline Awards 2016: Paper Water Bottle

by Elizabeth Freeman on 05/19/2016 | 5 Minute Read

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Paper Water Bottle® - the 1st of its kind in the world - meets both consumer demand and brand owner requirements for real eco-friendly solutions. Paper Water Bottle is a pulp packaging and product company integrating best-in-class strategic assessment, consumer insight, creative and technical design and development, material science, technical and engineering design and development through production and distribution. The Paper Water Bottle pulp material is made from sustainable combinations of plant-based fibers to allow optimum user-functionality, effective branding, operational efficiencies, and clean/efficient biodegradability and compostability.

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“We Help Save Our Planet” is our corporate pledge to people around the world. Paper Water Bottle is our brand name. It’s also the namesake of our inaugural package epitomizing our mission and brand promise. We invented a water containment made of a compostable pulp shell, OTR/MVTR barrier, closure, and label. We have been awarded 16 global patents en route for our packaging to be Backyard Compostable™.For the beverage packaging category, Paper Water Bottle has addressed the issue of 80 billion plastic bottles being produced annually, over 80 percent ending up in landfills or oceans, and the harsh reality that it will take 800 years to biodegrade. Imagine the possibilities… We do!

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Paper Water Bottle began as early as 2005, when creator, Jim Warner, a global designer and brand creator, told the story of a walk he took with his son in the city one day. His eight-year-old son asked, “What do you do for a living?” Warner replied, “I design bottles and packaging for people.” His son looked down at some litter on the sidewalk and asked, “You make trash?”

Warner then realized the reality of his son’s innocent question. He imagined the inevitability of a container that addresses the growing concern over plastic, both its petroleum sourcing and its disposition in landfills. In 2009, Dan Doster, his own success in branding, pricing, marketing, and management, encountered Warner during his time at an international branding firm for which Jim then served as Managing Director of Industrial Design. Doster saw the potential of Warner’s vision and quickly took steps to advance Paper Water Bottle. Doster formed the company and acquired the patent application rights to the product. Today, Paper Water Bottle exists as a company to enhance other company’s sustainability efforts through pulp packaging to help brand owners and packaging managers, manufacturers, and consumers achieve their packaging goals. Its global patents for liquid containment in a molded fiber shell stand as an alternative to plastic bottles, which, though obviously appealing to a consumer need for on-the-go convenience and usability, are nevertheless increasingly perceived as negative for the industry and the environment. Globally, 80 billion plastic bottles are produced annually and 80 percent of those end up in the oceans and landfills that then take 800 years to biodegrade. While these statistics are well known, not enough is done to change the outcome. Solving the problem of plastic requires a paradigm shift at every level: country, industry, and consumer. To accomplish this, an easily understood “big idea” is needed to drive change. 

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Plastic is made from nonrenewable petroleum and lingers far too long—hundreds or even thousands of years past its usefulness. Plastic thrives because the market lacks a viable substitute, one that matches it for convenience of production, distribution, sale, and use. Whether in transport, on the store shelf, or in the vending machine, Paper Water Bottle is that alternative, and is an ode to our mission: We Will Help Save Our Planet™.Paper Water Bottle is based on global patents that integrate specialized materials and manufacturing processes to the highest level of compostable performance specifications available. This intellectual property is known as Paper Water Bottle Technology, which streamlines the production process between our Design Group and Production Group to offer core components for brand owners to achieve a customized molded fiber eco-friendly product.The Paper Water Bottle exoskeleton pulp material is made from 100% organic and sustainable combinations of plant-based fibers including bagasse, bulrush, wheat straw and bamboo. Inside, Paper Water Bottle Technology has established the means to reduce the amount of plastic that would normally be used to make a water bottle. The long-term goal for the package’s content barrier is to have nearly no plastic content, and to achieve substantially less material in the final generation.

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It is important to note that this design and prototype is the first generation of Paper Water Bottle. Our eventual goal for Paper Water Bottle is to attain a package that is Backyard Compostable™. This method will enable our package to be returned to the earth as a unit. Paper Water Bottle hopes to claim this audacious goal thanks to its globally patented design and the steadfast efforts of its development team. Paper Water Bottle exists as a company to provide A Refreshing Alternative™ for marketers, for brand owners and packaging managers, for manufacturers, and for consumers. We’ve redefined how world-class designers, engineers, innovators, consumer and business strategists, materials scientists and manufacturers work together to exceed expectations. In the summer of 2015, the team completed a successful design. By the fall of 2015, produced a manufactured prototype for review of the first generation Paper Water Bottle. In November 2015, the container received recognition as a finalist in the 2015 Global FoodBev Awards, representing the environmentally sustainable packaging category. Paper Water Bottle is positioned to reach viable product in 2016. With strategic partnerships ranging from raw material producers, manufacturing and co-packing companies, compostable label and ink suppliers, and many hopeful customers that want a better bottle, Paper Water Bottle is geared to serve as a leading package provider for beverage companies seeking a more sustainable, eco-friendly product, and A Refreshing Alternative.

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Designer: Jim Warner, Sr. Vice President Design

Copywriters: Marketing Manager, Grace Williamson

CEO: Dan Doster

VP Engineering & Manufacturing: Ken Roth

Designed by In-House

Country: United States