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Get Grubs

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 04/18/2016 | 2 Minute Read

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Get Grubs serves freshly made sandwiches, burgers, footlongs, and shakes, all with an Indian twist. The Delhi-based grab-and-go food is perfect for take-away, and they’re expanding beyond the kiosks they currently have in food courts to also have home delivery. Meroo Seth and Nachiket Jadhav developed the branding and packaging for this unique Indian eatery.

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Get Grubs aims to bring delicious food and a high-quality experience to its customers, offering tasty options that are homemade from expert chefs. The packaging needed to express an ease for the consumer but also the fact that the ingredients are better than regular fast food. Get Grubs’ logo resembles a burger, with the brand name situated as a meat patty stuck between two buns. A wild collage of words and images adds a playfulness to the brand while also indicating that the buyer has a choice in what they eat. The foods can be customized per their preferences and also are slightly different than traditional burger eats, setting Get Grubs apart.

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Designed by: Meroo Seth, Nachiket Jadhav

Country: India