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Creative Association "Circle"

by Elizabeth Freeman on 02/11/2016 | 3 Minute Read

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Creative Association "Circle" (TSC)  is charitable organization that provides help to the deaf blind. The fund was created by the disabled, and indifferent to the problems of their people - to help people having such a disease  not remain in complete isolation and without possibilities for how a normal existence.

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In Russia there are several thousands of deaf-blind people who need continued support. The main objective of the Foundation - not just to improve the quality of life of the blind and deaf, but also to organize a "platform" through which they could engage in a common and interesting work, with the support of capable volunteers.One of the projects implemented by the Foundation - the development of a specially designed workshop, where, through a joint with zryacheslyshaschimi assistants creativity deafblind can express themselves and their particular perception of the world, to find something for everyone, or even find a new meaning of life. Items are displayed at trade fairs and sold at charity fairs, contributing, inter alia, and to attract public attention to the problems of deprived of hearing and vision disabilities.

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"The symbol of the working people who "see" and "hear" life hands and feel the world is literally "fingertips", was the hand-bird - an image of the soul.Identity was a comfortable modular system that allows to easily and effectively execute a variety of objects and vehicles - from tiny labels to big box. This solution allows the ceramic packaging and other products stand out from the workshop production of "normal" industries - stacked boxes in a row to form an impromptu advertising surfaces naturally draws up the exhibition space and attracting public attention." 

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Learn more about the creative association "Circle", implemented by the Foundation programs and popular support methods can be found here:

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