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Wheelys 5 Open Source Mobile Vending

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 10/13/2016 | 3 Minute Read

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Your mom and dad always said you could be anything you want to be, and Wheelys 5 Open Source will help you make it happen. Giving cafe bicycles a new name, vendors can combine any variety of things to have the business of their dreams—from crepes to specialty coffee. Wheelys Café has developed their new model to transform bike cafes into one-of-a-kind experiences.

“Wheelys Café, Stockholm, a chain of organic ultra-green bicycle cafes providing fresh superfood. Founded in 2014, Wheelys Café has sold its café bicycles in more than 65 countries, which makes it the world's fastest growing fast food chain. Ever.”

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“We're now presenting a new model; the Wheelys 5, a unique, playful modular system inspired by lego bricks, turning the bike into a flexible food vending platform. Wheelys are showing the world one more time, what you can actually fit onto a bike. It turns out it’s a lot, like Mary Poppins’ bag a lot, and we're are just warming up!”

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“A Wheelys owner can now not only show off their sparkling, quirky personality, but they can also differentiate themselves in 7 different ways—a juicebar, an espresso stand, or why not an ice cream café? Operating in the niche of their choice. The bike is called Wheelys 5 Open Source.”

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Wheelys 5 Open Source is the Swiss Army Knife of mobile vending. Allowing vendors to mix and match what they’d like to do allows them to put their own personal spin on things and have more variety in their work. Because of this, it was key to make Wheelys 5 Open Source appear playful, fun, and welcoming to the consumer. Bright colors and bold text is eye-catching and helps the cart to be noticed, and keeping clear sections for each station makes it easy for people to customize to their tastes. Supply boxes feature a big Wheelys Cafe “W” and a simple, straightforward description of what’s inside. It helps vendors to find what they need to get their business started, and the pastel colors complement the stronger hues found on the cart itself.

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Designed by: Wheelys Café

Country: Sweden

City: Stockholm