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Petal & Leaf Holistic Aromatics

by Elizabeth Freeman on 09/30/2015 | 2 Minute Read

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The design of the Petal & Leaf Holistic Aromatics packaging is a brilliant example of how to communicate the features of a product on its secondary pack. A series of delicate, graceful and delightful packs created for a natural line of perfumes - each natural scent carefully created by French perfumers. The distinctiveness and craftiness of the line is reflected on the identity, designed by Officina Creative Inc, which elegantly mirrors the organic nature and intricacies of the products. 

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Each box has been custom designed and letterpress printed for a perfect, polished finish. The colours used to differentiate the products of the range have been chosen across a gentle palette and the font - both on the ampoules and on the secondary packaging- is a successful mix of modernity and elegant classicism. Just by looking at the packs we feel immersed in a world of alluring fragrances - great to smell and fantastic to look at.

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

Designers: Aprile Elcich, Petra CuschieriPrinter: Genghis Kern (Colorado) 

Consultant: Jason Wedekin

Designed by Officina Creative Inc

Client: Lara Claassen

Country: Canada