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by Theresa Christine Johnson on 08/31/2015 | 2 Minute Read

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I’m normally more of a white wine person, but I’d certainly love to have a glass of this cabernet sauvignon. Just take a look at this bottle! KMGDesign is behind this wine label that has beautifully crafted details — a lovely star chart that feels part steampunk, part royalty.

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“A new brand created for Balius Wines of Napa, CA. The focus of this project centers around the ‘sun gear.’ The complex use of foil, embossing, blind embossing, spot varnishing, and blurred print effects compliment the brand name. The unique shape, wrapping around the bottle, allows the sun gear to be placed above the remainder of the brand graphics. Subtle use of printed line work adds a layer of technicality similar to a constellation map/chart, tying the brand name in with the sun gear.”

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Precision has the type of inspired design that is endlessly fun to look at. Countless gears appear on the label, creating the large sun at the top. Instead of a bright yellow or metallic gold, though, the gears are their usual gunmetal hue, adding a bit of mystery and toughness. The “o” in Precision’s name is made up of a star, and the entire label is specifically drawn out with lines and measurements. The attention that goes into the label and the name of the wine reflects the care that is put into the product itself.

Editorial photograph

Designed by KMGDesign

Country: United States

City: Napa, CA

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