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by Theresa Christine Johnson on 08/20/2015 | 5 Minute Read

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You had me at grilled cheese. In 2011, Mike Jacober opened The Morris Truck to serve a grilled cheese unlike any other. Using techniques and ingredients that most people wouldn’t ever think to use, they strive to enrich the everyday eating of their consumers. Looking for a new brand identity that could look to the future with all of their offerings, The Morris Truck turned to London agency Pearlfisher.

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“Drawing on the familial heart of the brand – Morris is the name of Jacober’s Great Grandfather – Pearlfisher leveraged the brand’s Russian heritage to create a platform for growth. To maximize the brand’s uncapped potential for growth, Pearlfisher established Morris as the company’s master brand and created an accompanying system for the brand; all ventures are rooted in an enthusiasm for good food, culinary expertise, and a love for sharing the two through transformational but accessible food experiences.”

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

“As a foundation for the future, Pearlfisher developed a unique brand identity that could evolve with each new offering. Custom letterforms, inspired by Russian constructivism, maintain their shape across the range, but the nature of the mark is free to adapt to match each new venture. A cohesive secondary language, ‘eatmor,’ helps to tie the offerings together.”

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

Every design choice tells us a little bit more about Morris, from the Russian-inspired lettering, the clever phrase, “Eat Mor,” to the cheese-inspired burnt orange against clean white. Morris had to remain accessible as a food truck, but clearly convey its premium ingredients and creative chefs. Additionally, it needed to be able to morph into other forms for the other endeavors under the Morris umbrella.

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“With a revised strategy, identity and design system, Pearlfisher’s work for Morris has helped grow the entrepreneurial food truck into a multifaceted brand with multiple layers and room for growth. Morris’s brand offerings now span The Morris Truck, Morris Test Kitchen, Morris Sandwich Shop, Morris Catering and several Morris installations and pop-ups around New York State.”

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Hamish Campbell, Pearlfisher Creative Director, adds, “The New York food scene is multifaceted, but not all the brands within it are as vibrant as Morris. Morris’s differentiating factor is the great depth to what they offer, so it was essential that we capture this. By building an identity system that can flex across new ventures, we’ve captured their culinary creativity and enabled them to communicate their unique spirit to the world.”

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Designed by Pearlfisher

Client: The Morris Truck

Country: United Kingdom

City: London

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