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Ööloom sleeping masks

by Elizabeth Freeman on 03/23/2015 | 1 Minute Read

 I realize it’s only March, but I might have to announce Ööloom sleeping masks as the winner of the “ADORABLE” product and packaging award of the year. Keep in mind, I’m a BIG nap taker and that weighs heavily into my vote.“This project won the Grand Prix in Estonias most prestigious design awards competition ‘The Golden Egg’ (Kuldmuna), taking gold medals in package design, illustration and corporate branding category.”See? The experts also agree!

The creative minds behind the animal sleeping masks are the Ööloom Design team, made up of Johan Kallas, Karmen Heinmaa, Mihkel Virkus, and Jan Plaan. Together they crafted every aspect of the brand – illustrating the icons and funky scenes, writing the copy, sketching out the masks, and designing the patterned packaging.“Ööloom is a face blanket (or a sleeping mask if you will) that uses the ancient power of wild animals, because unlike humans, animals have never had any trouble sleeping.”

Quite lively in its execution, the color palette is a bright, blue-green teal combined with high contrast blacks & whites. The illustration work that’s seen on the packaging and throughout all other brand touch points is hand drawn, whimsical and friendly. It tells a nighttime story of the outdoors, with birds, trees, stars and all the creatures comfortable in dream land. The masks are packaged in a craft, cardboard “pillow box” which is covered in a bold branded pattern, and wrapped with a playful belly band which shows the entire family of animal sleep masks available. Only the belly band features the product line, which allows the Ööloom Design team to change and expand the product family just by refreshing the sleeve. 

“Life in the north is no breeze. We know how cold it can get during the winter. And summer, come to think of it. Keeping your face warm during those long nights is paramount to survival. But we endure. And out of our suffering comes forth the knowledge and power to create something beautiful indeed.”If suffering through cold Estonian winters brings forth the creative juices to create cute animal sleep masks, with awesome branding and packaging, then a big thank you to the Ööloom Design team for all your suffering.

Designed by Johan Kallas, Mihkel Virkus & Karmen HeinmaaCountry: Estonia


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