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Pure Mother Bee

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 10/07/2015 | 3 Minute Read

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On the Greek island Kythnos is a beekeeping family business called Gonidis. For 15 years, they’ve worked to harvest organic thyme honey, and they have finally decided to create their very own brand. With the help of S & Team, they have a brand identity and beautiful packaging to match their delicious product.

“Together with Gonidis family we concluded that our suggested name ‘Pure Mother Bee’ is the perfect match for their honey. Pure Mother Bee is the ancient Greek word for the queen of the hive. Moreover the name encompasses the notion of purity, given that it is a 100% organic honey. Plus the concept of affection is conveyed through the powerful word ‘mother.’”

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“We then proceeded to logo design. Right from the beginning we were determined not to follow the norm of including a bee in the honey logo. So, Pure Mother Bee logo results from the combination of the B letter (from Bee word), a bee’s figure from the side and the queen’s crown.”

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“The packaging had to go in line with both the name and the logo. So, for the 410g packaging destined for organic and delicatessen stores, we picked a tall and elegant bottle to match the honey’s elegant taste and a wooden cap to imply the honey’s 100% organic origin. Yet, the key design element is the bee's wing laser die-cut, which further builds up the logo.”

By steering away from cliched bee references, Pure Mother Bee lets the beauty of the product shine. The small white label wraps around the bottle that shows the delightfully golden hue of the honey. A wooden cap contributes to the all-natural appearance. Text and graphics are understated and minimal yet meaningful, making Pure Mother Bee a premium honey choice.

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Country: Greece