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Meadowlark Jewelry

by Jessica Sanchez on 12/11/2013 | 2 Minute Read

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A design inspired by the hexagon shape. Meadowlark Jewelry is a perfect example of taking one small aspect of a design and creating a beautiful and consistent branding. 

"Meadowlark Jewelry has been going for seven years now and we have recently launched a new logo and packaging. The logo is often used inside a hexagon shape so we have taken that shape and developed hexagon boxes which makes Meadowlark stand our from the crowd. We have extended our packaging to include dust bags and gifting boxes for all online sales."

Created with meticulous care from the purest of metals and skilfully set with precious stones. Meadowlark creates timeless totems to be forever cherished. Emerging from the glitter and creative dreaming of the workshop, handcrafted and refined from tools time-honoured, each piece of Meadowlark jewellery deeply invokes meaning to those it adorns.




Wedded in business and love, Claire Hammon and Greg Fromont are the key forces behind the brand, coming together from backgrounds in graphic design and skate culture. Creativity and design inspire every element of their work, with each facet from presentation and purity of materials to customer experience meticulously considered from all angles.The roll call of Meadowlark wearers is the ultimate testimony to its decadently dark and utterly unique aesthetic – Florence Welch, Alison Mosshart, Jamie Hince, Grimes, Bat For Lashes, Alisa Xayalith and Lorde are all members of the Meadowlark sect."

LOGO DESIGN: Xanthe Harrison at Oh My PACKAGING DESIGN: Claire Hammon at Meadowlark

Editorial photograph

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