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Editorial photograph"Ora is a range of body care products produced in New Zealand with indigenous origins. The core ingredient is Mamaku, the extract of New Zealand’s native Tree Fern, used by M?ori for centuries to soothe and revive. BRR created and crafted the brand identity, design system and packaging design."




"The design system centers around the distinctive Ora word mark, a contemporary take on the traditional M?ori arts of Ta moko (the permanent body and face marking) and characteristic wood craving.

 Vijay Patel, Design Director, explains 'A restrained primary colour palette was devised to express the purity of the locally sourced ingredients. This was complimented with the subtle yet striking use of black, symbolic to M?ori, helping to distinguish the packs from their direct competitors. Printed on stainable uncoated card, the Ora word mark is de bossed and clear foiled to add an extra tactile dimension when in the hand of consumers'".

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph



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