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Quail Eggs Are Ready for Their Moment in These Sunny, Expressive Pouches

by Sarah Fonder on 04/03/2024 | 3 Minute Read

Savory, animalic delicacies have been having a moment for the past few years, and we think quail eggs are poised to seize the trend. If it sounds a little too weird to try at first, Tiger Pan Design Lab's ultra-fun design for Dan Huang quail eggs might convince you.

These bright, punchy packs look more like sweet cartoon chickadees than quails, popping in an appropriate Gudetama shade. Floating letters, dynamic lines, and black speckles dance around the, well, quite literally eye-catching package— eyes are a recurring motif in the design, infusing the products with plenty of charming personality.

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An unforgettable bird

Dan Huang is a universal healthy snack launched by Yankershop Food Co., Ltd

As a new small category, quail eggs have been introduced to the highly competitive snack track. Quickly getting out of the circle and leaving a deep memory for consumers are important goals of this packaging design.

Quail actually does not form a very familiar cognitive image in the minds of consumers. The design summarizes the appearance of quail and interestingly turns the original dull image into a deep impression on consumers, thereby achieving long-distance packaging on the shelves. Identification and efficient brand communication. At the same time, the cute image shortens the interactive relationship with consumers and makes people feel happy.

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The relaxed and lively design technique combined with the cute IP image breaks consumers' stereotypes about the egg product industry. Product packaging is no longer a ubiquitous shape in life. In addition to the visual design, in terms of user experience, the design deliberately extended the length of the packaging tear strip so that users can more easily tear open the packaging and enjoy the product.

The packaging shape is set to a special-shaped structure, which can differentiate it from the same type of products already on the market. The image setting combines the quail and the crown to form a unique IP image, which just caters to the true, interesting and direct personality expression of contemporary young people.

The new and unique visual expression of this packaging challenges the traditional rigid packaging form to a certain extent. This will promote brands to pay attention to consumer experience and emotions, and will also push the packaging industry to move in a more diversified/forward direction.

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