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Embracing Imperfection With Thankyou's Forever Bottles

by Chloe Gordon on 09/13/2023 | 3 Minute Read

Australian-based Thankyou is working to rewrite the script regarding consumerism and its association with thoughtless consumption. Leading the charge is Marx Design, with its innovative packaging solution for the sustainable personal care brand.

The brand sells personal care items, from hand sanitizers and body wash to cleaning tools to natural deodorant. But beyond slinging the toiletries we all depend upon, Thankyou gives every extra cent left after creating their products to help end extreme poverty. All the money the company earns is committed to boosting the impact of our partners serving those who need it most. Instead of asking the public to donate money to the Trust, Thankyou started a corporation ( the catchy Thankyou Group, obviously) that sells consumer products and has one goal: make as much money as possible for its ultimate shareholder, The Thankyou Charitable Trust. 

It’s all part of the brand’s general ethos around doing some good. The "Consumerism Reimagined'' project proactively responds to the status quo, questioning the disposable trends that overwhelm consumer culture and our wasteful ways. It envisions a future where our choices aren't just about personal satisfaction but also function as catalysts for positive change, as packaging should serve as more than just an empty vessel; it's a canvas for compelling messaging.

Thankyou's commitment to authenticity is exemplified by the imperfect circle in its logo, symbolizing humanity's imperfections. It's a powerful reminder that transformation often begins with embracing our flaws. Through its design-centric approach, Thankyou weaves purpose into every facet of its products, creating a narrative of hope, responsibility, and progress that resonates with consumers.


What sets Thankyou apart is their redefinition of the relationship between consumer and product. Marx introduces concepts like the "Forever Bottle" and sustainable refill systems to invite folks to engage in a sustainability narrative. The design of these bottles, the selection of materials, and the refill system serve as invitations to commit for good. 

The Forever Bottles, available in four timeless finishes—white aluminum, black aluminum, clear glass, and frosted glass—are distinctive. By focusing on materials rather than color, Marx Design ensures that the design won't age over time. It's a testament to Thankyou's commitment to sustainability, creating products that are not only built to last but minimize environmental impact.


The refill system uses high-value, recyclable HDPE. Further, the bottle is made from 100% recycled materials and is itself 100% recyclable. The refill system comes in 1L, 3L, and 5L utilitarian-style jerry cans with debossed product names to help when stacked in consumer's cabinets (though, we have to admit, the refills would also work in non-plastic as well, hint-hint).

Marx's design for Thankyou is about more than just aesthetics. It represents the essence of Thankyou's mission—redirecting consumer spending toward eliminating poverty and redefining consumerism. Through their innovative packaging, Thankyou and Marx Design are not just selling products; they're changing how consumers shop.