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Studio Heavy Combines Mexican Mythology and Austin Vibes For Mayawell Brand Refresh

by Rudy Sanchez on 09/18/2023 | 2 Minute Read

Austin-based prebiotic soda Mayawell has unveiled a refresh of its brand and packaging that embraces its commitment to gut health, showcasing a combination of its Austin and Oaxacan roots and promoting diversity and inclusion in the wellness community.

The new brand refresh, by Guadalajara-based agency Heavy, borrows from Aztec and Maya mythology. Four mythic characters represent each flavor—the quetzal is on the Pear Lime label, a jaguar for Strawberry Ginger. Meanwhile, the feathered serpent (Quetzalcoatl) comes paired with Pineapple Mango, the drinker is on Raspberry Cumcumber labels, and the Hhare gets matched with Watermelon Mint.


A new color palette is kept simple and subdued, with duo combinations for each flavor. Callouts are interspersed throughout the label, such as “Made in Austin” and Mayawell’s tagline, “It’s a good gut feeling.”

The label design portrays each mythic character as a glyph, their most recognizable form, in a modern fashion. Additionally, an agave icon reinforces Mayawell’s proprietary prebiotic based on the Mexican plant, and the refreshed wordmark is reminiscent of hand-painted signs with secondary type, lending the brand design a touch of Austin flair.


“We're really proud to show off our new look,” said Oliver Shuttlesworth, co-founder of Mayawell, via press release. “Our previous cans introduced Mayawell as ‘a bubbly prebiotic soda.’ However, with time, we discovered that while this accurately describes 'what' we are, it doesn't necessarily depict 'who' we are. Combining our diverse backgrounds, Vicente (Vicente Reyes, co-founder of Mayawell) and I see these new cans as a true reflection of our identity. It's like a blend of Mexican and Austin vibes that surprisingly just click.”

Mayawell’s new packaging rolls out this month on its website, Amazon, and stores that stock the good gut stuff.

Images courtesy of Mayawell.