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Studio Null's Subdued Look For The Non-Alcoholic Wine Space

by Chloe Gordon on 06/27/2023 | 2 Minute Read

Catherine Diao and Dorothy Munholland founded Studio Null's alcohol-free wines, offering an invitation to a wider audience. The brand's packaging design goes against the grain of overly upbeat, bright labels often seen in the non-alcoholic wine space. The label, instead, is mysteriously subdued, featuring a dark bottle and muted designs. It's simple but effective, allowing for a welcomed new look within the industry.

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Launched in 2021, Null Wines is a premium non-alcoholic wine label for those who want to live — and drink — on their own terms. The brainchild of the collaborative studio concept Studio Null, the brand’s sold-out inaugural release featured: Sparkling Rosé; Blanc Burgunder, and Prickly Red, a lightly carbonic Tempranillo and Syrah blend. Release Two followed with a light and refreshing Sparkling Verdejo and the juicy Solo Garnacha, and finally Release Three is set to launch in July 2023, with the first dealcoholized Grüner Veltliner.

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Produced with award-winning winemakers and top dealcoholization experts in Europe, all of Studio Null’s wines start with superior grapes in the vineyard which ferment into real wine, and are then dealcoholized via vacuum distillation to preserve body, aroma, and flavor.

Founded by longtime friends and entrepreneurs Catherine Diao and Dorothy Munholland, Studio Null eschews prescriptive language around booze-free drinking, offering an invitation to a wider audience. Learn more about Studio Null at nullwines.com and @nullwines.

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