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After Almost Three Decades, Pure Protein Undergoes A Packaging Update

by Chloe Gordon on 06/01/2023 | 2 Minute Read

It's one thing to redesign an entire range of products within a brand, but it's another thing to undergo a redesign overhaul after nearly three decades of remaining the same. 

Established in 1995, Pure Protein, a nutritious on-the-go snack brand, has just announced its new, evolved packaging system designed by Beardwood&Co. The contemporized design includes a revamped logo, a revived color palette, and an updated typeface. 

"Pure Protein came to us with the challenge of redesigning the Pure Protein brand to emotionally connect with and attract a broader base of users while reinforcing loyalty among existing customers," shares Julia Beardwood, founder and CEO of Beardwood&Co. "The redesign had to reflect and exemplify its brand positioning to go beyond the gym as a great-tasting, fast-growing lifestyle brand."


The new visual identity highlights the product's imagery to showcase the range of sweet or savory flavor profiles. While the design gets a thoroughly modern update, it maintains the previously visible—and critical—assets, including blue and white color pairings and high protein and low sugar nutritional call-outs. That helps with consumer recall and keeps the brand's visuals consistent, albeit reworked. 

The new design concept continues to share what Pure Protein customers value most: an accessible on-the-go snack, lasting energy, nutrition boost, and delicious flavors. The new packaging shares these points through a proactive visual system communicating power and activity.


"Pure Protein is an established active nutrition brand with a loyal fan base, having pioneered a fast-growing category of products designed to fuel the active lives of everyday people," said Azania Andrews, CEO of Pure Protein. "With this brand refresh, we are retaining what Pure Protein's loyal fans know and love about these delicious and satisfying snacks— great taste and stellar nutrition—while equipping our portfolio to win online and at retail in a high potential, increasingly competitive 16 billion dollar marketplace."

By fusing strong graphical visuals with powerful imagery, the updated packaging system brings the brand to a more contemporary place while valuing what its consumers treasure most: a delicious snack for the gym and between meetings.  

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