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Juliet Infuses The Mediterranean Lifestyle Into Its Cylindrical Boxed Wines

by Chloe Gordon on 04/07/2023 | 3 Minute Read

When you hear "boxed wine," maybe the first thing that comes to mind is an excessively sweaty, max-capacity college frat party where "slapping the bag" was the norm. But now, boxed wine and its undeserved college and "Franzia mom" associations are getting a well-deserved makeover. 

Juliet is a boxed wine brand founded by Allison Luvera and Lauren De Niro Pipher with a mission to develop eco-friendly wines of unwavering quality and design. With thoughtful sustainability at the center of the brand, Juliet aligns itself with a conscious lifestyle. Juliet and its Eco-Magnum are recyclable, keep fresh for up to six weeks after opening, and contain low-intervention and high-quality wine from certified sustainable Central Coast California vineyards. 

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The female founders worked with two independent female designers, Noelle Roth and Kinley Winnaman, to create a packaging system that helps bridge the gap between boxed and bottled wines. 

"Our mission is to shift the culture of wine drinking away from glass bottles and advance sustainability for the entire wine industry. Boxed wine remains the most sustainable packaging option, and yet there wasn't a boxed wine on the market that either of us wanted to serve at a dinner party, give as a gift or look at every day in our refrigerators," shares Luvera. "Aware of the negative stigma surrounding the format, we knew we had to create an uncompromising design on quality and luxury to convey the premium nature of our product. In short, we set out to make beautiful wine in a beautiful package. The vision for the brand came to us quickly—we dreamt of something that married timeless elegance and modern design, with subtle nods to both of our Italian family backgrounds. It also had to check the boxes for sustainability, quality, convenience, and style."

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Each of the designs, across all the products, is packaged with gold foil, modern, watercolor-inspired illustrations, and delightfully bright hues inspired by the Mediterranean lifestyle merging to create a relaxed yet refined aesthetic. Beyond the packaging's timeless elegance and modern design, the cylindrical-shaped outer box differentiates Juliet from other boxed wines with a rectangular shape. 

"It was essential to differentiate Juliet from traditional boxed wine in as many ways as possible. After testing several hard-edged shapes and not finding a fit, we realized that a cylindrical shape was the most elegant way to symbolize our position in the wine market, as Juliet truly bridges the gap between boxed and bottled wines," shares De Niro Pipher. "Thanks to the shape and design, in almost all of our retail accounts, we are placed on shelves next to high-end bottles or given our display showcasing all three varieties." 

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Juliet's packaging system is reminiscent of a Mykonos getaway, filled with relaxation, timelessness, and the urge to enjoy every fleeting moment. Not only does the cylindrical shape of the outer packaging distinguish this brand, but it's clear that the founders have put exhaustive care into the details, creating a brand that exudes elegance, sustainability, and confidence, something the boxed wine category doesn't often get credit for. 

As an added plus, if you’re slapping this brand’s bag, at least you’re doing it in well designed, refined glory.

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