Featured image for Recess Breaks Into The Alcohol-Free World With A New Mocktail Line

Recess Breaks Into The Alcohol-Free World With A New Mocktail Line

by Chloe Gordon on 03/07/2023 | 2 Minute Read

While the CBD-infused beverage world consumed markets a few years back, the most recent pivot in the beverage space has moved from CBD to non-alcoholic libations. 

Recess, a brand that drove much of the CBD-infused beverage mania, has just released a new line of craft mocktails to change the alcohol-free experience from simple replacement beverages to ones that enhance the drinker's overall experience. 


The new line includes four flavors: Lime Margarita, Grapefruit Paloma, Watermelon Mojito, and Ginger Lime Mule. The brand's in-house formulator crafted each of the flavors to recreate beloved cocktail flavors minus the alcohol and, undeniably, without the hangover. In addition, the RTD mocktails come enhanced with a functional ingredient blend—including guayusa and adaptogens—to give drinkers a balanced yet uplifting effect. 

While Recess has been known for its deliciously soft, gradient-splashed aluminum cans and quirky cursive logo painted across the front, the brand needed a distinctive can design to separate its CBD beverages from its craft mocktail line. To differentiate the packaging system, Recess worked with the Boulder-based Interact Brands on a new, refreshing packaging system. 


The cans are similarly marked with the brand's cursive logo, yet, they swapped out the gradients for vibrant, solid hues. Additionally, a half-circular design is included at the bottom that hosts the information about the beverage within. 

Because of the mocktail's brightly colored cans, the immediate feeling is refreshingly upbeat. Ideal for the summer months ahead, Recess' new line is bound to be a poolside favorite without the looming fear of a hungover morning spent chasing down a packet of Liquid IV.