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Blond and Tesoro Tackle Unnecessary Waste With Sustainably Focused Aroma Candles

by Chloe Gordon on 03/15/2023 | 6 Minute Read

Blond recently designed a sustainable solution for UK homeware start-up Tesoro. The design agency and candle brand worked together to create a refillable system that values both aesthetics and the reduction of wasteful packaging. The infinitely recyclable, albeit colorful, aluminum container designed by blond allows the candle to be dropped into different containers in various sizes, volumes, shapes, and materials.

Both the refills and vessels are packaged in fully recyclable cardboard packaging, also designed by blond. The cardboard tubes highlight Tesoro’s embossed logo, designed by Two Times Elliot. Sustainable design that places value on aesthetics is hard to come by but this candle system executes it faultlessly, ideal for consumers who cherish their planet and a beautifully curated space.


UK homeware start-up Tesoro today announces the launch of its brand and first retail product - a collection of candles using a unique refillable system designed by London design studio blond. With the aim of becoming the world’s first carbon negative homeware brand, Tesoro’s candle range and forthcoming products have been developed following extensive research. Each product is uncompromising in design, aesthetics, and aims to empower consumers to make more sustainable choices against the backdrop of growing fast interiors trends.
The concept for Tesoro’s sustainably-motivated business was conceived by CEO Harmi Sekha, who grew up in the Midlands to immigrant parents from India. The vision and passion for Tesoro was in response to the challenges of climate change and sustainability and Sekha’s desire to give back. In collaboration with blond, she undertook extensive analysis into the homeware sector, which exposed a largely saturated market with undifferentiated products.


Working with blond from the ground up to create manufacturable products and a market-disrupting proposition, Tesoro’s first product is tackling waste in the category of aroma candles. Every year, nearly 400 million candles are burned in the UK and the majority of empty containers end up in landfill. Research into the market revealed space for a unique, simple system that would unlock the greatest value from refilling and recyclability.
Design-driven, the Tesoro refillable candle collection caters to personal taste and individualism. It features forty scents across ten mood categories each with its own vibrant colour for identification. Using a simple universal refill made from infinitely recyclable aluminium, the container archetype designed by blond allows the candle to be suspended into a variety of vessels in diverse sizes, volumes, shapes and materials. The suspension, as well as being aesthetically intriguing and reinforcing Tesoro’s name (treasure in Italian), also acts as a method to protect surfaces and ensure optimum safety while burning.

The first of many vessels being launched is a simple glass frame that celebrates the refill by highlighting the suspension and creates visual intrigue by utilising refraction to distort its contents. Future vessel ranges will, first, be different materials, then eventually take other forms. The flexibility of the design not only opens up a limitless number of combinations but also creates a platform for collaborations and limited editions.
The refills have a microscopic layer of anodisation, creating a premium finish while ensuring that they remain recyclable at home. The category, fragrance note and Tesoro logo are etched through the anodised layer to reveal the natural aluminium. The result is not only 100% recyclable; it is an object that users will want to keep and use for other purposes - for example, a plant pot.


Both the refills and vessels come in compact, fully recyclable cardboard packaging, also created by blond. The simple, reinforced cardboard tubes incorporate Tesoro’s wordmark, designed by Two Times Elliot, embossed on its surface. The vessel packaging has been designed to accommodate future materials, limiting Tesoro’s need to create and purchase new packaging. This enables the company to circumnavigate MOQs, and achieve better price breaks that, ultimately, reduce the cost of each product. The Tesoro refill is #41 ALU recyclable, which is the same as soft drink cans – a widely recycled kerbside and household recyclable across the UK.

Tesoro and blond are committed to ensuring that the sustainability of Tesoro’s products does not mean compromising on either affordability or design aesthetics. The refillable candle is the first product launch from an ambitious pipeline that includes products in Home Fragrance, Homeware and Bodycare. 

At Milan Design Week, 17 to 23 April 2023, Tesoro and blond will present ‘Spazio Tesoro’ a collaborative exhibition to launch the brand, housed at blond’s casa blond, located in the fashionable Brera Design District as part of the Fuorisalone. Visitors to casa blond will experience the Tesoro brand first-hand — where the first retail product will be displayed, along with prototypes showing how the universal refill system supports vessels made in a range of materials. Further sections of the ‘spazio’ will explore Tesoro’s sustainability-motivated homeware ethos, communicating its brand values, and revealing the direction of future products in further home and body categories including refillable reed and electric diffusers and scented hand and body cosmetics. 

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Harmi Sekha, Founder and CEO of Tesoro, said: “Through innovative design and our passion to be the world's first carbon-negative homeware company, Tesoro is on a mission to empower customers to make more sustainable product choices for their homes. From homeware to bodycare, every Tesoro product aims to heighten the sensations of living while allowing customers to purchase new products with minimal environmental guilt. Tesoro is a female-led independent brand, and our ultimate goal is to become ‘The’ homeware brand of choice, a beacon of sustainability and a strong advocate for social change. 

“After several years of development, whilst we were building a business that could meet the growing need for low-impact consumption, we’re thrilled to launch our brand and first homeware product - the Tesoro refillable candle. We are delighted to join our design partners blond at Milan Design Week ’23 this April to give guests to casa blond an opportunity to meet us in person and learn about our products and mission. blond have exceptional talent in redesigning everyday products whilst tackling sustainability in a practical way that does not compromise on aesthetic. Rather than mimicking what is already out there, they are able to think outside the box and approach things differently.” 

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James Melia, Founder & Creative Director at blond, said: “It was important to look at the big-picture and to plot Tesoro’s future by considering how it could continue to be disruptive for several years and establish a leading market position. Carefully studying the macro view of the category landscape and analysing targeted ethnographic research allowed us to strategically define a business proposition that would resonate with customers. The homeware-driven and inspired refillable candle that we’ve created for Tesoro is completely unique to its category and we’re very excited about the ambitious pipeline of products that we’re working on together.” 

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Tesoro and blond understand the responsibility that comes with putting new products into the world today. Tesoro works with sustainable materials and local suppliers to reduce the carbon footprint of the brand and its product ranges. In addition, the brand aims to have a carbon calculator available to customers, helping them quantify the impact of their purchase decisions, while enabling them to offset their carbon footprint via a third party. The brand also plans on undertaking UK rewilding projects open to customers to help showcase the benefits of rewilding. 

The Tesoro refillable candle range is made from soy wax which is renewable, biodegradable and results in a longer lasting and cleaner burn. Tesoro’s refillable candle will initially retail online from Q2 2023 via