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Welp, It’s a Whole Lot Easier Now To Get a Tattoo of a Heinz Ketchup Bottle

by Rudy Sanchez on 11/29/2023 | 2 Minute Read

Heinz is well aware of the love some fans have for its signature 57 ketchup, including those that go so far as to rep the condiment with tattoos.

Today, Heinz has announced a new, limited-edition bottle that makes it easier for die-hard fans to express their devotion to the brand’s tomato-based condiment. The Heinz Tattoo Ketchup comes in the familiar glass bottle but features a unique, peelable label that can serve as a template for tattoo artists to recreate the brand’s famous keystone.

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The new Heinz Tattoo Bottle is part of an expansive campaign in partnership with creative agency Rethink and PR firm Zeno Group, with Publicis 57 handling paid media.

“When we found out that there were people all over the world with Heinz tattoos, we couldn't ignore their commitment,” Xavier Blais, partner and executive creative director of Rethink, said in a press release. “So we took one of our most distinctive brand assets, the label, and turned it into a way of celebrating and inspiring our fans’ irrational love. Getting this stencil into the world was a true team effort involving tattoo artists, parlors, and tattooed fans from around the globe.”

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Tattoo Ketchup bottles won’t be available in stores. Instead, bottles will be given away via sweepstakes at HeinzTattooLabel.com.

Images courtesy of Heinz.