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You Didn’t Learn This In Basic Training: Hotel Tango Releases Marshmallow Flavored Bourbon

by Chloe Gordon on 09/08/2022 | 2 Minute Read

Despite only lasting a little over three months, summer is a mindset. As the days tick by, they might get shorter and cooler, but the season's freedom and ease can be an internally-eternal philosophy and a reason why brands love to keep summer's magic alive year-round.

While it was released this past summer, Hotel Tango's Shmallow, a toasted marshmallow bourbon, is a beverage evocative of the season's spirit that also just so happens to feel appropriate year-round. 

As a veteran-owned brand, Hotel Tango Distillery crafts all its spirits with the same intensity its founder learned while in the Marines. The Unofficial Series honors the pursuit of excellence that defines the brand while tapping into the unofficial side of the military through patriotic-inspired imagery such as bomber art and tattoos. 

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The packaging, designed by Young & Laramore, is in tune with the brand's extensive range of products. But this particular release taps into the playful nature of the beverage, showcasing an illustration of a cat lighting a cigar by a toasting marshmallow flame. Beyond the fun illustrations, the typography and muted color palette are in line with the rest of the brand's offering, making this special release feel in tune with the Tango's burly ethos, even with a marshmallow-centric bourbon. 

"The heart of Hotel Tango is the craft and discipline we bring to all our spirits. But we definitely have a playful side that leads us to try things like, say, a toasted marshmallow bourbon," said Travis Barnes, founder and CEO at Hotel Tango Distillery. "The new Shmallow packaging does a great job of capturing everything that makes us—and this spirit—unique."

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The 60-proof Shmallow bourbon is available online at the Hotel Tango website and select retailers nationwide for a suggested retail price of $24.99 per 750ml bottle.

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  • Art Director: Derek Hulsey
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  • Designer: Baker Wright
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  • Senior Account Manager: Sam Hanes
  • Illustrator: Curtis Jinkins | The Neighborhood Studio
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