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You Won't Get A Lambo HODLing $TWINKcoin, Just Tasty Snack Cakes

by Rudy Sanchez on 06/21/2022 | 2 Minute Read

For many people, NFTs became something they started noticing everywhere, and before even really understanding what a non-fungible token or bored ape was, the market cratered. 

Trading volume on the NFT marketplace OpenSea is down 57% over last month. In an economy facing staggering inflation and still recovering from the worst of a global pandemic, continued supply chain woes, and a war in Ukraine, the last thing anyone wants to spend actual money on is maybe-racist jpegs of primates that have little function and are only worth what other rich assholes are willing to pay for it.

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Hostess, makers of the soft, spongy, cream-filled Twinkie, is jumping into the crypto space with its limited-edition $TWINKcoin. The new snack based on the notorious Twinkie comes in a round, coin-like shape. The dollar sign in front of the name is reminiscent of the cashtag used on sites such as Twitter to track discussions of a particular asset. The box features Twinkies’ signature yellow and a background sprinkled with coins bearing a heart. Two $TWINKcoin cakes get displayed on the front of the package, and the $TWINKcoin logo is similar to the traditional Twinkie logo in the design.

Unlike NFTs, the only way a hacker can steal your $TWINKcoin is by raiding your pantry. You’ll want to heed your sense of FOMO on this one, though, as $TWINKcoin will only be available while supplies last in boxes of ten for $3.49 at Walmart.

Images courtesy of Hostess.