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Perfect Hydration Announced Infinitely Recyclable Aluminum Cans

by Chloe Gordon on 03/23/2022 | 2 Minute Read

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Perfect Hydration has recently announced an extension featuring infinitely recyclable 16.9-ounce aluminum cans of their 9x purified alkaline water with electrolytes. These cans are 100 percent recyclable to help further Perfect Hydration’s commitment to serve the wellness of consumers and the health of the planet.

More sustainable than plastic, aluminum is durable and can withstand longer use, making it an ideal material to be reused or repurposed (almost forever). Around 75 percent of aluminum ever made is still in use today.

In addition to its strong durability, aluminum is lightweight and is more efficient for space, less transport is needed than the usual plastic or glass. Aluminum consumes less energy and resources and is not created with fossil fuels. According to a recent study by Kucher & Partners, 61% of Americans rate sustainability as an important purchase criterion in 2021. In the same year,sales of bottled alkaline water continued to climb by more than 46%, clearly showing there’s a demand for both sustainable products and packaged alkaline water Perfect Hydration believes consumers can't make more sustainable choices if they don't have better options.

Beyond packaging, Perfect Hydration is also committed to the use of renewable, domestic, water sources. Their proprietary nine-stage filtration and alkalizing process enables the brand to transform water from any municipal supply into crisp, refreshing, Perfect Hydration Alkaline Water. Unlike other brands that mine watersheds and mineral water springs, pH doesn't have to ship water to or from remote locations across the globe, which means lower carbon emissions as a result of less freight.

Although still water sales are growing and cans are a common vehicle for beverages, the concept of still water in a can is still quite new. This product from Perfect Hydration is the first 9.5+ pH alkaline water in a can that’s nationally available across the US.