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Pioneering A Modern Vision Of Clean, Sustainable Beauty With ROSE INC

by Chloe Gordon on 03/15/2022 | 5 Minute Read

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In this mission, the Baron & Baron team saw an opportunity to create a beauty brand from the ground up that made purity central to premiumness; where sustainability and clean ingredients were not considered trade-offs; but rather enhanced the luxury of the line.

The Background: Pioneering a modern vision of clean, sustainable beauty

From branding to package design to advertising, Baron & Baron brought to life a brand ethos rooted in editorial content, community and professional beauty. Grounded in innovation, simplicity and trust. Insistent on creating the innovative and sustainable. The sensual and beautiful. Uniting refined aesthetics with value and quality. And the end result is a beauty collection designed to lead the way through a changed world; in which transparency, safety and performance are a way of life.

The Packaging Approach: Sublimely Simplified, Effortlessly Innovative In the packaging, the sculptural and the sensual meet, and sustainability is brought to its most effortless expression through innovative materials and a seamlessly intuitive user experience. The purity of Rose Inc.’s formulas are echoed in designs that are confidently pared back, with sleek forms and precise lines offering a canvas for the product to speak for itself.

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Palettes are kept clean with sophisticated neutrals that mirror the “fewer, better” philosophy of Rose Inc. Tones are inspired by the purity and untouched beauty of nature, while maintaining a polished refinement befitting a modern, vanguard brand.

Sustainability: A Commitment to the Earth Above All

No matter how beautiful a product looks on a vanity, it inevitably ends up in a landfill. For Rose Inc, a conscious decision was made to prioritize long-term environmental benefits over the short-term benefits of opulent packaging.

Therefore, for the Baron & Baron team, sustainability wasn’t simply a consideration in the Rose Inc packaging—it was the central focus, driving each design decision and necessitating innovation in construction. From the origin of the materials to the end user’s ease of recycling, sustainability was optimized across the entire lifecycle of each product. The exceptional level of thought in the packaging’s creation reflected the brand’s commitment to “ethics in action” and resulted in positively refined designs that embrace a more meaningful idea of beauty.

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Care for the environment can be seen in a multitude of ways:

ReduceMinimizing impact across the entire supply chain (of both the product and the formulas themselves) served as a priority.

A gestural arch was created as a signature element on primary packaging; bringing a uniquely branded silhouette to the product range—simultaneously minimal and instantly recognizable. The arch also creates a tactile experience that invites the consumer into the world of Rose Inc.

Reducing waste starts with the products themselves; each item in the collection is meant to deliver multiple benefits and often serve multiple purposes in a beauty regimen, thereby taking up less space on both shelves and in landfills.

ReimagineThe team’s goal was to create an indulgent beauty experience, through elegant, intelligent packaging designed to make a visual impact; not an environmental one. This was achieved through the use of sustainable materials, with all packaging made from at least 25% post- consumer recycled material (and often up to 50% and more). Packaging also includes FSC- certified paperboard, made with 30% hemp and rinse-off labels made with a 90% PCR liner.

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Where products demanded additional durability because of their usage, the team took the opportunity to play, using these necessary metal elements to create moments of luxury. For example, the metal ferrules reinforcing the makeup brushes; or the aluminum interiors of the refillable compacts which bring a touch of glamor upon opening, along with providing essential resistance and added longevity to the life of the product. This sparing, choiceful use of elements reflects the thoughtful sophistication of the Rose Inc brand, and the woman to whom it appeals.

RecycleIn the packaging concepts, the intent was not only to make items that were recyclable; but also to increase the likelihood of actually being recycled. Therefore, making it easy to do so was of utmost importance. As much as possible individual items were made of a single material, making it simple to throw the entire piece in a recycling bin. And, instead of single use items, many of the designs are refillable or intentionally reusable after the formula is finished.

In Summary: The Beauty of Being

Just as the tenets of design allow form to be dictated by function—the Baron & Baron team took a purpose-first approach to sustainability. Unnecessary waste was minimized wherever possible, with caps and boxes designed to be efficient and compact; and no weight was added to the products (a common practice in high-end beauty packaging). To eliminate additional steps in production on custom packaging, the team opted to deboss the logo— thereby including it in the mold and avoiding the additional process of printing.

When Rose Inc—a vanguard new beauty brand founded by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley— approached Baron & Baron, the then-start-up had yet to create a single consumer product. In Baron & Baron they found the ideal creative partner to manifest the unflinching vision behind Rose, Inc: To move beauty forward to a conscious new frontier. Uncompromisingly clean and eco-friendly; exceptionally efficacious and luxurious. An ethical beauty brand for modern needs, modern life, modern style.

Effortless and effective. Clean and clinically proven. Sensual and sustainable. Baron & Baron is proud to have been a collaborator in creating a brand that embodies purposeful luxury and offers an extraordinary experience in meaningful beauty.

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