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Pasote Tequila Refreshes Its Packaging Just In Time For Cinco de Mayo

by Chloe Gordon on 04/30/2021 | 3 Minute Read

With the motto of "The Fierce Art of Tequila," Pasote Tequila required new packaging to reflect the strong message. The brand consists of four expressions of tequila sourced from 100% estate-grown blue agave and produced using pure rainwater. With no color or flavor additives, the cleanness of the brand is showcased in the simplistic package design. Each bottle's label has a natural and physical texture, honoring the strong history of Aztec culture with masks, all worshiping a different deity. This new release accompanies Pasote's recent surge in popularity amongst consumers searching for sustainable tequila – the brand grew by 26% in 2020 alone. Cinco de Mayo can now be celebrated with well-designed tequila sustainably.

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Pasote Tequila today announced a bold new packaging refresh that elevates the look and feel of the spirit to more visibly embody its tagline, “The Fierce Art of Tequila.” A Jalisco Highlands tequila, Pasote’s pristine production methods and the portfolio will continue to be sourced from 100% estate grown blue agave using sustainable production methods.

“What sets Pasote apart from other tequilas is the quality of the product, ultimately driven by what’s within the bottle,” said August Sebastiani, president of Pasote Tequila producer, 3 Badge Beverage Corporation. “We have a clean, handcrafted tequila. And to accentuate and showcase its all-natural purity, we don’t add colors, flavors or anything to it resulting in a pale straw color that sets us apart from the other players is the category. We think the striking new packaging better reflects the high-quality spirit inside the bottle, helping new customers find the brand on a shelf or back bar, while reinvigorating the attention of Pasote’s existing loyal customers – just in time for May 5!”

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Pasote’s portfolio includes four expressions of tequila. The bold packages each have an organic and tactile texture, celebrating the robust history of Aztec culture with masks, each honoring a different deity:

· Pasote Blanco – Features the Aztec sun god, Tonatiuh. Patron of warriors, he blessed humans with warmth and fertility but in return demanded live sacrifices. The spirit is utterly clean and clear, with an exquisitely soft mouthfeel, like drinking liquid light. Crisp, zesty citrus with white pepper unfolds into to pure succulent blue agave.

· Pasote Reposado – Features an Aztec jaguar warrior. These military elite fought at the front lines and captured prisoners for their sun god. The distinctive herbal and floral aromas of roasted agave are delicately balanced with subtle fruit notes of ripe coconut and sweet vanillin American oak.

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· Pasote Añejo – Features an Aztec eagle warrior, the most feared fighters. Only the bravest noblemen and commoners of special merit could join their ranks. The Añejo is a luscious tequila that benefits from long aging in American oak. Its finely nuanced complexity is marked by a velvety smooth texture flecked with roasted orange and spicy cinnamon.

· Pasote Extra Añejo – Featuring Huehuecóyotl, Aztec god of music, dance and mischief, this ultra-premium Extra Añejo is meant to be savored. It’s as supremely complex as it is balanced, having spent forty-eight months in ex-bourbon barrels.

Pasote’s sustainable production techniques reflect the increased consumer demand for handcrafted tequila (Pasote experienced over 26% growth in 2020 alone). Before baking, the green hearts of each agave are taken out, eliminating a vegetal taste and offering more sweetness. Only natural yeast is used in fermentation before the liquid is distilled with 100% copper pot stills with a combination of pure rainwater and natural spring water. The tequila is ultimately aged in neutral barrels, allowing the agave flavor profile to shine without being masked by too much oak.

Pasote’s ecological water sourcing results from captured rainwater from the roofs of the El Pandillo distillery, while the balance is brought from a natural spring nearby. Water is recycled throughout the production process with little waste, as run off juice is often captured during the entire process and energy efficient machinery is used during shredding and mashing.

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