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Masa Cookie Dough Is Proof That Anything Is Possible

by Chloe Gordon on 04/30/2021 | 2 Minute Read

Instead of giving up and closing shop during the difficultness of the COVID pandemic, Masa's Colombian bakery moved into creating new products, lines, and extensions. The bakery was already well known, and adding frozen cookie dough into their portfolio allowed for buzz-worthy news. Because it was one of their most successful ventures, they needed packaging to match the buzz worthiness. S&Co designed the unique cookie dough packaging, and its geometrical and brightly colored designs represent both the shape of cookies and the way they make you feel: happy, cheery, and ready to tackle anything. Masa is as resilient as they are creative, and these frozen cookie dough kits are proof.

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/Masa is an artisan bakery and café in Bogotá, Colombia. Since its opening in 2011 it has become an emblematic place and a beloved brand in the city.

In March 2020 Masa had to temporarily close its stores due to the general quarantine during the Covid-19 pandemic. This forced them to quickly create a series meal kits and products to prepare at home.

Different products were developed including: home baking sour dough kits, brunch sauces, soups and frozen smoothies, among others.

Within the portfolio is frozen cookie dough for home baking, was one of it’s most successful ventures.

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Our job was not only to create the unique packaging but also to strategically decide how the brand should look in large retail stores, since it was the first time that the brand ventured away from it’s own retail experience.

We decided to move away from the common photographic language found in supermarkets and created a colorful packaging, with fun geometric combinations to create a stark contrast from the rest of the products on the shelf. The basic geometric figures are reminiscent of the shapes of baked cookies and cookie dough, the color is energetic and fun, and looks to express the joy of baking for one self or the whole family.

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  • Masa Cookie Dough: Designed By:S&Co
  • Instagram: @siegenco
  • Creative Director: Julian Jaramillo & Oliver Siegenthaler.: S&Co
  • Art Direction & Design: Felipe Osorio & Oliver Siegenthaler: S&Co
  • Photography: Espacio Crudo: S&Co
  • : S&Co


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