Megan Thee Stallion and Popeyes Launch "Hottie Sauce" (and, Yes, There's Merch)

by Chloe Gordon on 10/18/2021 | 1 Minute Read

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What's hotter than hot sauce? Easy. The 26-year old rapper Megan Thee Stallions and her consistently viral songs on the infamous and addictive social media app otherwise known as TikTok.

In a collaboration that only seems natural, Megan Thee Stallion has partnered with the Louisiana-headquartered Popeyes to create a range of products and merch, starting with an iconic hot sauce known as "Hottie Sauce." And while "Thot Sauce" is a huge missed opportunity of a name, the sauce is seeping with flavors of honey, cider vinegar, and Aleppo pepper soon to be gracing tastebuds around the globe.

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Not only will the hot sauce be available at your local Popeyes starting October 19th, but you'll also be able to get your hands on co-branded merchandise from the iconic duo. The line is dubbed "Thee Heat" and includes bikinis, shirts, hats, and even dog toys.

The line is said to reflect Megan Thee Stallion's sweet and bold, sassy personality, and with merch including flame embroidered bikini tops, there's no denying that this collaboration is bringing the heat.

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