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STIIIZY Debuts More Eco-Friendly, Recyclable Outerpackaging

by Rudy Sanchez on 10/12/2021 | 2 Minute Read

According to cannabis brand STIIIZY, they're the pod market leader in California and the third best-selling brand in the country. As such, they produce a lot of packaging and spent cannabis vaping pods, a realization that inspired STIIIZY to do better by the environment and redesign its packaging to be plastic-free, use less material, and be recyclable.

“This effort is one of many STIIIZY implementations in becoming a green, environmentally conscious company, and sustainability is a mindset we want to bring to all our efforts, ” says Shryne Group marketing director Jackie Kim in a press release. Shryne Group is the parent holding company of STIIIZY.

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Other changes to STIIIZY packaging include a new inner tray that uses less material, which also allowed an overall reduction in the size of the packaging and the addition of a QR code to direct users to information previously included in a user guide. Moving the child-resistant and tamper-proof mechanisms to the back freed up space in the front for a strain callout, placing the batch labels to the left side so that they can now double as tamper-evident labels as well. Redesigned labels also include a holographic authentication sticker.

One of the biggest contributors to non-recyclable waste in the cannabis industry comes from disposable vape cartridges and pods, as they often include multiple components from different materials. For its part, STIIIZY runs a collection program for spent batteries and pods at its downtown Los Angeles location and encourages customers to find local metal recyclers if they are outside of the DTLA area.

New STIIIZY has rolled out, but due to the nature of distribution, customers may still receive products in the older packaging. As such, the brand recommends using Weedmaps to find an authorized distributor.

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