Featured image for Lay's Makes It Easier To Hide Your  Stash With 'L is for Lay's'

Lay's Makes It Easier To Hide Your Stash With 'L is for Lay's'

by Rudy Sanchez on 09/03/2020 | 1 Minute Read

From roommates, spouses, and kids, more people are spending time occupying the same spaces together as humanity struggles to beat off the coronavirus. 

This makes personal snacks more vulnerable to poaching from those closest to us, and it’s not like anyone needs to add the disappointment of getting the munchies and raiding your stash of goodies only to find them stolen, another treat gone too soon thanks to the folks you "unconditionally love."

Lay’s has come up with a classy cloak-and-dagger solution in the form of a hollow book called L is for Lay’s. The faux tome has a folksy vibe to the cover, and cheekily uses chips in the design, hiding clues as to its real purpose in plain sight. The brand’s signature yellow and wordmark are also a tell, though the ruse is not immediately apparent. The subterfuge is the snack equivalent of anti-car-theft device the Club, just obtrusive enough to deter only the laziest or dumbest of thieves.

Lay’s chip-hiding solution isn’t the first foray into protecting personal snacks. Ben & Jerry’s sells a lock collar that fits their ice cream pints, protecting them from tempted housemates. Unfortunately, the “Eurphori-Lock,” like Lay’s hollow book, won’t stop a determined snack snatcher.