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Dieline's Best of the Week Community Roundup

by Andrew Gibbs on 09/29/2020 | 3 Minute Read

Welcome to Dieline's Weekly Community Roundup, where each week, we will gather some of our favorite projects posted in our Community section. It's pure design inspiration, from you and for you, whether you're a reader, designer, or agency—we'll highlight some of the absolute best packaging design from around the globe.

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Now, let's take a gander.

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Bracom Mooncake Magic Giftbox

"The mooncake set by Bracom, featuring the enchanting image of the moon, is highly believed to be a valuable present to show our appreciation toward friends and clients for their productive cooperation."

Camber Coffee Marbling Bags

"The inspiration for these designs came during a hike in the Chuckanuts - the coastal mountain range near our hometown of Bellingham, Washington."

Editorial photograph

Editorial photograph

CF Napa Redesigns “The Official Vodka of Paradise”

"Monkey in Paradise is an award-winning vodka that had received the highest accolades in the most respected industry competitions, but the look and feel of their packaging did not support the quality of their product."

Higgins quality Texas hold 'em poker deck

"Our love of good design is what motivates us. So it seemed obvious to develop a deck of poker cards with as much passion as we put into all our design and packaging projects. And by the way: every one of the 54 cards is individually designed in honour of our namesake."

Editorial photograph

Editorial photograph

Bohemia Beer Redesign

"We redesigned logotype, tags, patterns, badges, redefined typefaces and color schemes, even legal copy and nutritional charts deserved hours and hours of relentless work. There was no such thing as 'just a tiny detail'."

Ethereal Cosmetics

"Starting with a small pharmacy laboratory, the brand offers a series of products that promise to be much more than a nice scent. The products combine the wonderful aromas of nature with the treatment and restoration of the skin."

Editorial photograph

Editorial photograph

Eco-Friendly Shampoo Bars Branding + Packaging Design

"Naturel is an eco-friendly bath and body company specializing in shampoo bars. They make salon grade, plastic-free shampoo bars developed for your hair type and are good for the planet."

Beer Label and Illustration

"Packaging elements for a local Vancouver, BC Brewery startup. This particular beer label was created to farewell the Founding Brewer before he returned to Colorado."

Editorial photograph

Editorial photograph

Scents of Humour Soy Wax Candles

"ents of Humour is the brainchild of Aaron Colfer & Jack Horwood. Friends since school, they have always joked about combining skills and launching a product together. Aaron, a product and packaging designer, has always been good at making things look good."

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